Lesser known Indian classic Sci-fi series

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Sci-fi and fantasy is a rare genre. The premise is simple – create a make-believe problem and then make up your solution to the fantastical problem. The difference being – the solutions must make sense. 

If reading a book, your imagination is the limit. If watching it on TV, the medium needs compelling visuals and storyline. Indian creators back in the 90s had made a very original attempt. Needless to say, they did draw inspiration from the west. If you saw these series, they leave the technobabble behind and concentrate more on the visual and the story.  

Indian creators could not match the budget of their hyper-creative counterparts in Hollywood. So, some of them came up with some cleverly themed sci-fi series. Notably – Indradhanush literal means – Rainbow, Space City Sigma and Stoneboy, a still lesser-known series was Captain Vyom that starred actor Milind Soman.

It may come to you as a surprise that the series Indradhanush starred the very young Karan Johar as the protagonist.  

I can barely remember the premise of those series. Luckily I was able to find the content on YouTube which you can find below.

Indradhanush starring the young Karan Johar
Just found something online about Space City Sigma, it is Hindi though
First episode of Captian Vyomm, this is in Hindi too

With that said, let’s remake these series. Amazon and Netflix are the only studios to remake them. Netflix already has one Indian series or movie by the name of – Cargo. Indian studios too are very well capable, the ones I see are way down south who have already explored their vast potential. 

Indian sci-fi serials were less focused on the technobabble and more towards developing a story. It is evident from the series mentioned above. 

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