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Sequels, Prequels, Spin-Offs, Remakes

Sequels, Prequels, Spin-Offs, Remakes! Why some films need them and why some don’t.

Word Count: 1328Read Time: 00:05:18 Movies are a great source of entertainment. They transform and transport you to a different world – even if that world is a make-believe with little resemblance to reality. The immersive make-believe makes it possible to lose yourself in their world completely.  Some movies are […]

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TV vs Smartphone vs Theatre

The Viewing Experience – PC vs Smart TV vs Smartphone vs Big Screen

One no longer needs to stick to a singular medium to watch their favourite series or movies. There are plenty of choices. The computer has already occupied the lives of many of us. Now’s the turn of the smartphone. But, that’s not the only medium where you can conveniently and comfortably watch your favourites.

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