The compromise

Welcome to Compromise – The Sacrificing, Adjusting and the Adapting Part of Life

Word Count: 855Read Time: 00:03:25 Compromise comes in various shapes, sizes, and extents of how much and how long one can prolong and endure. Sometimes, it can be good, while it can be the opposite in other instances. A subtle word to compromise is sacrificing, adjusting or adapting. The general […]

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Sequels, Prequels, Spin-Offs, Remakes

Sequels, Prequels, Spin-Offs, Remakes! Why some films need them and why some don’t.

Word Count: 1328Read Time: 00:05:18 Movies are a great source of entertainment. They transform and transport you to a different world – even if that world is a make-believe with little resemblance to reality. The immersive make-believe makes it possible to lose yourself in their world completely.  Some movies are […]

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Home music studio

The Brutally Honest Truth about Audio Plugins

If you are a wanna-be music producer or recently ventured into music production, you probably already know what a plugin is. For the uninitiated, an audio plugin is a software added to a DAW or something already built-in.

The built-in plugins are called stock while the non-stock ones are called 3rd party plugins. Most DAWs support 3rd party plugins. That support helps democratise the DAW – giving everyone the right to choose what he or she wants. Two Artists working on the same DAW may not have the same set-up, workflow and VST/plugin preferences. This is what makes every artist and music producer unique.

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