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What do you call something affordable? What do you call something functional? Anything that you buy is affordable by default. However, not everything you can afford is deemed functional. Let me explain that in the context of Android and iPhone, among other things I put forth. 

The motive of this blog is to think in terms of functionality and affordability. 

Affordability is a word associated with finances. A person and the plural form can buy an object within their applicable budget. Functionality is what you make good use of. It could be an object or an ability. 

Functionality is intrinsic. The purpose of affording something is to explore its functionality. For example, you buy a car. It functions well in taking you from point A to point B. How many trips do you make in a week? It all depends on the functional perspective. Even if you use the car infrequently, it is still functional. In this example, cars achieve the purposes of affordability and functionality.

When I bought my first car, I hadn’t absorbed the other costs associated with the car’s maintenance. I was unprepared to bear those costs. No matter how hard I tried. It resulted in not maintaining the car’s body. I ensured that I kept it serviced and void of any serious issues. It taught me a valuable lesson. When I buy my next car, I now know what to expect. 

The same goes for my 200-cc bike. The cost to maintain is nearly as much as it takes for the upkeep of my car. I can manage it easily with my bike – that’s a different topic altogether. 

Let me take my thoughts to another contentious subject: Mobile Phones.

Mobile phones have two categories under them – feature phones and smartphones. The current generation of smartphones – the iPhone and Android are two of the most preferred OS. iPhone is popular in the US. Android is more popular than the iPhone worldwide.

Everyone can afford a phone, but not everyone can afford an iPhone. Everyone can afford a car, but not everyone can afford a Mercedes, BMW or luxury cars of other make.

From the above example, most people who can afford an iPhone use it for the most basic functions – Calling, WhatsApp, Texting, the camera function, etc. The iPhone is unnecessary when a high-end Android phone can do the same for far less.

If you only need basic functions, an Android phone can meet your requirements well. With regards to privacy on the Android OS, over the years, Google has ensured the user remains in control (though not completely). You can disable the web activity. You can control the permissions of the apps you desire and disable the ones you do not prefer. 

I do that regularly. For example, why does a Calculator need location permission? Why does the Calendar need access to my contact details? I disable the permissions that are unnecessary and do not support enough justification. Stock bloatware is something that cannot be avoided. I strongly believe that Google ought to give more authority to the users and avoid focusing on monopolising apps.

You are not announcing anything to the world. If iPhones (truly) prioritize user privacy, they should not be considered a luxury. Even if I could afford an iPhone, I would never opt for it. I would buy Google Pixel instead – at least it does not cost a kidney, arm or leg!

The latest iteration of Android 13 automatically undoes the permission of the unused apps. To restore the permission, start using the app again.

It may sound like I am an Android fanboy, but I am not. My rantings here are practical if you choose to see it that way. I do not wish to convey that people choose Android over an iPhone or vice versa. People buy expensive stuff because they can afford it. Functionality is a matter of perspective. As long as one can use it – it is functional. If one can afford it, the object becomes functional by default.

When it comes to phones, I could not help but take a dig at foldable smartphones. I have seen one of my friends/colleagues in the office use it. Although the phone is good functionality-wise, I couldn’t help but classify it as a fashion accessory. It is small, foldable like a wallet and fits snugly in the purse. That’s convenient! 

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