Welcome to Compromise – The Sacrificing, Adjusting and the Adapting Part of Life

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Compromise comes in various shapes, sizes, and extents of how much and how long one can prolong and endure. Sometimes, it can be good, while it can be the opposite in other instances. A subtle word to compromise is sacrificing, adjusting or adapting.

The general compromise:
It is what people like us tend to do. Due to limited financial resources, we often have to make compromises to sacrifice and manage our expenses and make ends meet, i.e., adjust and adapt to get on with our lives.

For example, when we board the overcrowded local trains, we must “adjust” and “adapt” to the crowd. Finding our footing, and sometimes leaning on to someone for support, struggling to find the handle to hold on to. While we do that, the people within your proximity often have to adjust to our presence and adapt to the entry and exit of another individual.

The “pushing” is acceptable during boarding and de-boarding the train. Most men may adjust more in the presence of ladies in a bogey. If you are a regular male commuter, you already know what I am talking about.

In the local trains, what makes compromise difficult are the ones that are unwilling to adapt and adjust. A glaring example is when you board the train, commuters put their backpacks in front of them.

It may seem strange to the others. The reason for that is to adjust better in the train. Besides, commuters who wish to get off usually do that by passing from behind the person. The person behind who has his bag in the front can adjust the position of the bog in front of him to make the alighting easier. There is some inconvenience to that, but for the person getting off, the person making a way in works just fine.

The issue arises when people fail to place their bags in front while commuting in overcrowded trains. In such instances, there are times when adjusting and adapting are difficult. We have to let that person know his “train-travelling etiquette”. A few of us are kind enough to let that gentleman know when inconvenience sets in.

For the irregular commuters who do not wish to compromise, travel by owned vehicles or use an alternate public transport. My wife uses a private bus service to travel to work.

Do the wealthy compromise? I don’t know. The abundance of financial resources they bask in does not permit the shadow of compromise. I am curious, if they do compromise, what is it?

Do you realize you’ve made compromises and want to stop them? For such individuals, we have to do something about it. For starters, adopt ways to decrease your chances of compromise. It’s important to begin a task, even if it takes significant time to complete.

Like I have done by blogging, YouTubing and getting into music production. They are hobbyist ideas that I intend to monetise – which will happen eventually.

The biggest compromisers!
Well, I could be exaggerating here. Who are the ones that compromise the most? Most middle-class and lower-class parents, some spouses and sometimes times children. Parents compromise when they have to sacrifice for their children. Children compromise for their parents when they cannot fulfill requirements like the desired career choices and other things (majorly due to financial constraints).

Due to financial constraints, parents cannot buy everything their child asks for. Most of the time – they place their children’s priority above theirs.

In my situation, I knew my daughter held the top priority. My requirements are investing in better studio gear like beat makers, MIDI keyboards, mics, acoustic filters, etc. Despite having sufficient finances to buy the above, I do not wish to compromise on my current financial savings should an emergency occur.

All of the previously mentioned things are currently out of action for a limited time. My daughter is now 3 years old and her education takes precedence.

Spouses make do with whatever they have received – there may be some attributes they dislike in their partners. Having to live with that attribute is the biggest compromise.

Citizens make compromises with the system they have to live in. They contend with other citizens who take their freedom for granted. The ongoing issue of corruption in public institutions, high fees charged by private schools, and low salaries being paid to workers continue to cause trouble for citizens. Some employees make do with their rude bosses, torturous work environments, toxic colleagues, pathetic company policies, office politics, etc. An employee can either tolerate the above or move on to something better.

Compromise is a part and parcel of life. How you deal with it is either take it up as a fight or take it in your stride. Most people do not have the strength to take the fight all by themselves. They need support in some form or the other. While others may still choose to let go as there are better things than fighting. Peace of mind is seldom obtained by people who seek it.

What’s more important, to prove your point or your peace of mind? You decide.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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