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I am the founder of the Aethyereia Music Project and a Music producer too. Let me explain the difference between a music production and a music project.

A music project can be a music production but not the other way around.

Understanding the nuances of music production: a music producer is likely to be an artist who plays the role of a person who produces music. They may have all the necessary skills to launch an artist into the world. The idea may be his or hers, but it is the singer who gives the final output.

You will still come across producers who do not sing but have the idea of the song pitched to artists. Producers like Fineas, Illangello, etc. are behind artists like Demi Lavato, The Weeknd, Rihanna, etc. The music producer discovers and launches an artist. They are the ones who hide behind the song – just like in a movie where the core of the magic happens off-camera.

A music project is a much broader term. The producer may not sing but may compose and write songs. He may not discover artists but discover voices that echo the essence of the music project. It entails the philosophy, the unique musical ensemble, the words the singer sings and a lot more.

A music project will have a particular taste, a format or perhaps even an essence heard with the music. The singers understand this essence and bring the songs to life. Most of the time, a music project does not have a feature mentioned in the track name. For example, in Enigma’s The Fall of a Rebel Angel album, the track “Mother” is sung by Anggun. the track does not mention – Enigma ft. Anggun – Mother.

No finer example exists than Enigma. I guess it is the first music project ever to come to the fore. It is my inspiration to carry forward the legacy of ethereal-style music forward.

Many artists incorporate Enigma-style music in their production, but there can only be one Enigma. Similarly, there is only one Aethyereia.

Music projects are artistic endeavours, often with a unique identity or theme, that may encompass multiple aspects of music production. These projects are typically created by musicians or producers with a specific vision or concept in mind. Enigma and Magna Canta are examples of such projects. They tend to have a consistent style, theme, or narrative that runs through their music. These projects can involve various artists and musicians working together under a specific project name or concept. The music in these projects is often characterized by a fusion of different genres, unique soundscapes, and a strong visual or thematic component.

In summary, music production is a broader term that encompasses all aspects of creating and recording music, while music projects like Enigma and Magna Canta are specific artistic endeavours or concepts that use music as a medium to convey a particular vision, style, or theme. These projects may involve a range of music production techniques to bring their artistic ideas to life.

Another key feature of a Music project is to produce music with a particular style, a philosophy in mind that reflects in every melody, chord and singing.

Aethyereia’s music philosophy is deeply rooted in the creation of tranquil, soothing, and universally appealing compositions. With an unwavering belief that music should transcend boundaries of age, race, religion, and ethnicity, Aethyereia aims to craft melodies that resonate with the entirety of the human experience.

Aethyereia’s music philosophy places a premium on the power of simplicity and comprehensibility. It is through this accessibility that the artist seeks to stimulate profound thought processes, using music as a catalyst for introspection. Each song, like a well-crafted story, conveys a meaningful message, inviting listeners to explore their inner landscapes.

At the core of Aethyereia’s music philosophy lies a dedication to the emotional connection between the artist and the audience. Every note and every lyric is imbued with a depth of sentiment and authenticity. The music becomes a vessel for genuine human expression, fostering an intimate bond with the listener.

Continual growth and exploration are central to Aethyereia’s music philosophy. Aethyereia is determined to expand its skills into various genres of electronic music, drawing inspiration from diverse sources and pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation. Ultimately, the goal is to produce music akin to the ethereal styling of Enigma, where the harmonious fusion of electronic elements and natural sounds creates an auditory sanctuary that calms the mind and soothes the soul. In pursuit of this, Aethyereia’s music seeks to be a refuge from the chaos of the world, offering respite and tranquillity to all who lend their ears to its soothing melodies.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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