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The Brutally Honest Truth about Audio Plugins

If you are a wanna-be music producer or recently ventured into music production, you probably already know what a plugin is. For the uninitiated, an audio plugin is a software added to a DAW or something already built-in.

The built-in plugins are called stock while the non-stock ones are called 3rd party plugins. Most DAWs support 3rd party plugins. That support helps democratise the DAW – giving everyone the right to choose what he or she wants. Two Artists working on the same DAW may not have the same set-up, workflow and VST/plugin preferences. This is what makes every artist and music producer unique.

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Moving from Beginner to Intermediate Music Producer 

So, what is this blog post all about? The “measurement” I talk about may vary from person to person, but it should give you some idea of the level you are in the music production process. Sometimes, the slow pace of self-development goes unnoticed. It’s not a surprise when one tries their best to concentrate on the goal, they should focus on just that rather than trying to understand where they stand.

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