Nephoellym – What you should know about my music project

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Who Am I?

My name is Phil Phoenyx and I am a follower of dreams. Dreams that I turn into reality. I always wanted to have a YouTube gaming channel and GamerPhoenyx – active since 2018. I wanted my blog site – the one you’re reading from is a reality. My next venture is my desire to step into the music scene with my music project – Nephoellym.

Why Nephoellym?

Let me talk about the music project name – Nephoellym. It’s a spelling variation from the same pronunciation – Nephilim – which in Hebrew means Fallen Angels.

There is no definite meaning for the word, but there is one thing for sure. The name is mysterious. That’s how I wish to be.

It’s a choice whether you want the name to depict your genre of music or keep listeners and first-timers guessing. I chose the former.

Music-making – a hobby since childhood I wanted to turn into a profession. I want to test the waters to see how long I can hold my breath!


“Headquartered” in Mumbai, India, I am a family man, my wife Phoebe and daughter Pandora born in 2020.

My Music ambitions:

At the moment, I am concentrating on making ambient chill-out music. I hope to get into the Progressive House genres in a few years. Eventually, I want to break into other media like Films, Video games and ad films.

A little bit of history:

Flash back 1990 – when the song Sadeness by Enigma aired on the nascent satellite TV – MTV. The song took me and the world by storm. That got me hooked to music. Yes, I did listen to Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, MC Hammer, Pet Shop Boys, Snap! and many others. But, Engima got me going.

Several years passed, many new artists took inspiration from Engima came up with their music. Magna Canta, Leisem, eRA, Shinnobu – just to name a few. A new kid on the block is Nephoellym. That’s me!

I wanted to get into music for a very long time. Why I could not take it up earlier was because of the lack of support for newcomers. The financial support and guidance were non-existent.

Way back in the 90s, independent artists weren’t that prominent as they are now.

I heard about the independent artists that combined the prospect of a home music studio gave me the push I needed. The obstacle was getting the required hardware. Here, the primary hardware was a PC.

Having a family and running the house is not easy. Pursuing your dreams with these things in mind is not easy either – especially when you start later in life. For me, I wanted to get started no matter what. When a window of opportunity presented itself, I did not take it but grabbed it.

A common question I come across from my colleagues – how do I get time for all of these?

A simple answer – I don’t get time for these. I make my own time. The trick here is to balance your time efficiently and make most of the time you have. Prioritizing is not easy either. You won’t realise until you start doing it. I don’t use any tools. It is just me, my mind and my desire to continue doing what I love to do.

My idea is to at least get started and keep going. Don’t worry about the destination, concentrate on the journey.

Not having time to do the things you love is an imperfect excuse. How important is your dream for you? Success is secondary, your dream is primary. There is no such thing as the right time. You make the time by doing it right. At the end of the day, I do not want any regrets.

Fast-forward 2019: I managed to align my interest and pace my push towards music.

Enigma-style music is what I wish to eventually create and explore other genres like orchestral programming and epic music.

I draw the core of my inspiration from Enigma, Shinnobu Enigma, Anhedima, Magna Canta, Brian Eno and Gregorian. I haven’t taken to singing as of yet.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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