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YouTube needs no introduction. If you have a smartphone, chances are you are very familiar with the best video sharing platform. It is also the most recognisable among all the ones out there and preferred. 

This post isn’t going to be an endorsement of sorts. I don’t even need to vouch for it. What I can vouch for is the entertainment value. Yes, there are tutorials among other infotainment channels. That isn’t the topic of this post for today.

I will talk about YouTube and the channels strictly from an entertainment perspective. Yes, some channels derive their value from it. It could be a channel solely made for showing clips from movies and web series, while others may talk about it. There are still few channels that may showcase their opinions or reactions as well. 

I don’t like the typical reaction channels unless they have something to share about the experiences and not just facial expressions! For instance, in a food reaction channel, the contestants try the food, snacks and other things from other countries. You can not only gauge their reactions but also what they thought about it. 

That’s nice rather than simply seeing the reaction of someone with nothing to share. Surprisingly such channels do well! How can only your reaction give value? I don’t know.

If you really should know, channels are mostly identified by the value proposition. For instance, my channel focuses on how-tos, tutorials, etc. you get to learn something new with every video I post twice a week. Similarly, with Blender tutorials the value proposition is tutorials – you are taught how to use Blender.

Some channels based on their entertainment value:

What’s entertaining for one may not be so for another. Channels on YouTube exists for entertaining the audience. Although the meaning differs greatly, I want to highlight some channels here based on what value you have gained from them. 

I have post list below in no particular order:

  1. Interesting Facts Club: This channel randomly hit my feed. I randomly watch this channel and not a regular. The name is self-explanatory. It is a listicle based vlog showcasing facts caught on camera – mostly smartphone camera. The channel is well made with a very good collection of compiled videos from around the world. It has subtle commentary in the background for guidance as you watch it. Since I am not a regular, I can’t say for sure if there is commentary for every video. I am not a subscriber to this channel yet.
  2. Movieclips: Another channel I am not a subscriber to but watch often. The channel name is again self-explanatory. I highly recommend this channel. They post movie clips from various Hollywood movies. What you should know is that such channels do not post the whole movie but only some clips. I guess this has to do something with copyright claims from the creators. Hollywood is very particular about it. 
  3. Unveiled: What does this channel unveil? Facts, it is not just a science channel but also prompts you to think. The channel has some great videos and some of them are very knowledgeable. You will surely gain some knowledge. I will describe this channel like this- it unveils the doors to things you wouldn’t expect! I like it. Hopefully, you will too! What you should know about it is it is a sister channel of WatchMojo. 
  4. Looper: You thought WatchMojo would be next? Well, you thought wrong! I watch WatchMojo randomly, it depends on the topic how interesting is it. I digress. Looper delves into everything movies, series and video games. They give a back story on movies, in-universe explanations and anything related to movies. What you should be aware of is they only talk about movies, series and video games. They do not cover any technical aspect. 

None of the listed channels has sponsored me in any way. 

I am a regular on YouTube. From time to time, I stumble upon some very entertaining channels. I think the list should suffice for now.

YouTube is flooded with content. Not all people get to see everything until the algorithms make it so. But, if you’re just a viewer, you shouldn’t be bothered with the algorithms. Every time you play the full video of the channel you’re seeing the first time, chances are YouTube will throw such similar content on your home page. They will also turn up as recommendations.

YouTube can be a good place online to hang out where content is widely diversified towards various topics. There is something for everyone. 

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