Remembering Sir Sean Connery – The legendary actor

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Sir Sean Connery’s death was unprecedented. His death contributed to the passing of many notable actors Irrfan Khan, Chadwick Boseman, veterans Jagdeep, Rishi Kapoor and David Prowse among the most recent.

He was 90 – taking a sabbatical from movies since 2010 – his contribution to cinema is unparalleled. His unexpected death prompted me to write this blog. I take a look, in brief, his life, work and some of his memorable performances and pay him my tribute.

Wikipedia states the veteran as an actor and producer. I am not aware of any of his production even if he contributed to one. I knew him only as an actor who took his job seriously.

Fans will always remember him as the first James Bond. Little do fans knew he was no fan of that character. For how many years can one actor portray the role of that character? It is this reason why most actors do not want typecasting into the same thing. Harrison Ford wanted to kill his Star Wars character Hans Solo in Star Wars Episode 6 – The Return of the Jedi. He only returned because he wanted to close the chapter of Han Solo.

So what do you do? Do you respect the actor’s wishes and want him remembered as the first James Bond? Or do you see him portraying many characters that are better than that ubiquitous spy? I don’t want to remember him as the first James Bond. There are many iconic roles that he has essayed falling short of an Academy Award win! Although he did win two in his lifetime! But his first win did deserve an academy award!
It was for the movie ‘The Untouchables’.

Among his memorable films, I remember ‘Dragon Heart’ where he offered his voice for ‘Dreco’. That is one film which I enjoy watching countless times. The thing about this movie is how Sean Connery managed to blend well with the character. It was so flawless that it seemed as though Sean himself has transformed into that dragon. Very few actors others out there can accomplish that.

He does not need an alluring screen presence. Sean Connery had grown so much in his stardom that his voice was enough to dominate the screen presence. He demonstrated it when he voiced for Dreco in the movie Dragon Heart alongside Dennis Quaid. He very well personified the dragon and his screen presence matched the creature, if not larger.

This is by far my most favourite scene from the movie:

This is the next best scene when Dreco talked about the old code:

Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his role as Sherlock Holmes. He also essayed the role of Smaug from The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug. I have read it somewhere online that stated: For the voice capture of Smaug the dragon – Benedict had spent enough time learning how reptiles moved. He then replicated those movements wearing the mo-cap suit.

What made Sean Connery’s screen presence so dominating even if it did not seem that way was his seamless integration into the character. Do you member the scene from Raiders of the Last Crusade? The scene where Indian Jones comes or Junior comes to rescue his father. It’s worth a watch!

Of course, there are many films that I have seen where he has done exceptional acting. If I remember them, I will write a post about him. There are still many more movies of Sean Connery that I ought to see. When I do, I will talk about them here.

To Sir Sean Connery,

Thank you for entertaining us with your great acting skills, for James Bond, for Dragon Heart, The Rock, Untouchables and many more. You will be missed and forever remembered, respected and cherished for your immense contribution to cinema.

Your Fan
Phil Phoenyx

Eternal rest grant unto you, O Lord,
May the perpetual light shine upon you,
May your soul rest in peace,

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