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Surprised? I had no intention of posting anything religious. I had decided that when I launched Xyneohphoenyx. I wanted it to be void of anything that may disrupt the flow of other topics I intended to post.

The reasons for the change:

Let’s face it. I am a Catholic and a proud Indian at the same time. My transformation began on 3 March 2022 – Ash Wednesday – the day that marks the beginning of the season of Lent. My journey of praying regularly and reading the Holy Bible began.

This is not the first time I decided to “surrender” to Christ. I have had numerous experiences before. It has been going on since childhood. But, it was like a fluctuating relationship – I would go to Christ and then return to the world. One day I knew I had to make a decision.

YouTubing, Blogging and Music Production demands consistency. So do prayers. I used to read the Bible and pray regularly before but could not maintain consistency. It is the one thing done in excess that has no ill effects as smoking and alcoholism do.

I knew that I must stick with Jesus sooner or later, just as he stuck with me. But, it won’t be easy. I am human with limitations. The only things that can keep close to Him are praying regularly and acting in my faith.

Throughout my life, I have had experiences that I cannot deny. There are undeniably true things for which there are no other explanations. I can deny them no more not just because of my “awakening” but because fellow Catholics and Christians should know my testimony.

Some priests and brethren preach the gospel during various services. During the homily, some of the words touch your hearts. I have carried these words throughout my life that have positively affected me.

Not everyone is physically present when priests give the homily everyone deserves. So, my posts will talk about that homily in ways to enlighten you, expand your understanding and open your eyes. Some of them have deeper meanings that may or not be subjective.

I have the talent to write. So, I decided to put it to good use. This isn’t the only reason. When I can’t think of anything else, I can post something about Catholicism. There are lots to talk about!

What good are my talents if I do not use them in the service of the Lord?

– Phil Phoenyx

My background:

I am from a religious background. I have a very prayerful Mom.

Dad was very religious. When he retired early, he would never miss saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3 pm daily. We would say the Rosary whenever possible. Mom would encourage me to pray every night before bed in my childhood. I continued it for most of my school days and then stopped in my work life. Honestly, I do not know when and why did I stop. If memory serves me well, it was during the financially hard times and the struggle in completing my education.

This start-and-stop relationship remained consistent for a very long time.
I have developed this policy, “If you start, don’t stop – if you stop, don’t start”. You can interpret it in a multitude of ways. Since I am starting to be actively religious in my personal life, I might as well don’t stop.

Fast-forward to 2020-2022, it became a regular affair in the pandemic when the world needed prayers the most and so did we. Phoebe was carrying our first child.

When you have a hard life – your religion is the solace to keep you going. No, I am not experiencing any hard life right now. Yes, there are challenges like you and me. But we should not forget about the things we are blessed with. A simple thanks goes a long way in acknowledging the things we take for granted.

God has blessed me with things that I am grateful for. I can never repay the good things He has done and continues to do so.

Now, I’ve started to read the Holy Bible and also pray at the same time. It takes less than 10-15 minutes to sincerely pray. Approximately 15 minutes from your everyday 24 hr per day life. I am sure everyone can contribute. I believe that prayers should not be longer than they should be and not short and meaningless. Let it be at a length that you are comfortable with.

On 15 April 2022 – Good Friday, it hit me. That’s when I started to pen my thoughts. I took a really long time to make the necessary additions, omissions and corrections over time before I was ready to make this blog post live.

My content plans:

What I plan on not doing is not preaching Catholic supremacy, demeaning other religions and criticising their practices or collective beliefs. I have lived and grown up in India amongst Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis and Jews. I know their religious beliefs and what it means to most people.

Religion isn’t meant to be superior to others. It is to live in harmony with others, embracing your humanity.

The most important thing about being religious is respecting other religions. 

I would not do anything untoward toward them.

I would want Jesus to guide my writing via my fingers and thoughts through my writing for everyone to read.

My posts like these are meant for others to know about Indian Christians and our Catholic way of life here. Readers of other faiths are always welcome to read this post to get some spiritual insights.

The blog posts about Catholicism will not be as frequent as the ‘other’ topics. It is going to be a once-in-a-while post.

"Jesus is the Lord now and forever,
Now and forever, Jesus is the Lord.

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