Steampunk Tower 2 – Exploring the game in mighty detail to help you play better!

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Hello gamers, how are you guys doing? I will talk about Steampunk Tower 2. I will also examine the game in detail and inform you of things you should know about the game. This should give you a headstart.

I bet you must have played many tower defense games but nothing compared to this. Steampunk tower 2 is a different kind of tower defense game. It is more of an adventure-based campaign and has many things that can keep you busy.

The game:

Let me first talk about tower defense games in general. These kinds of games are action-oriented with an emphasis on pacing. Most of you who have played this game will realize that as you play. The pacing should be just right – not too fast and not super slow! This is determined by the battles not ending abruptly and suddenly or lasting not more than a few seconds rather than minutes.

The difference lies in short battles that last in seconds determining how soon you can complete the game.

There are many similarities between the typical tower defense games and Steampunk Tower 2. It is oriented towards a single tower defense with a limited position for turrets. This is where the similarity ends.

You can move your turrets across either side should one side need better defenses or set up turrets to tactically balance the battle. The game focuses on your decision to properly equip the right turrets, research and upgrade. I found the research bit a bit complex. Most of you will scratch their heads on why things work the way they do in Steampunk tower 2.

Honestly speaking, these are just minor hindrances that do not defeat the main essence of the game. What I am talking about is not just the defensive aspects but other factors too.

For eg., it is not about when you should use the main weapon – the steam-powered laser (resembling the eye of Sauron to an extent). The perfect angle of your turrets against the approaching enemy at a perfect angle also matters.

Minor hiccups, as little as they are, are expected initially.

The Story:

Steampunk tower does start with a story mode. The story is not at all that interesting. Follow it only if you wish to get immersive.

The goal is to defeat the Cult, and the maps system makes it interesting to gauge your expanse. As with all games, you start with a tutorial and learn how things work around you.

What so many of you may not find helpful is the monotonous battles. It gets interesting only with the introduction of new enemies-which happens often. It isn’t that bad since most tower defense games are just like that. So, if you are a tower defense game enthusiast, then this game will definitely appeal to you. Best of all, it can be played offline.

I have discussed the battle breakdown in greater detail in later sections.

I started playing this game and found it to be satisfying. Especially the steampunk theme and the gameplay. You might call it repetitive, but the story is what keeps you going. Yes, this is one aspect to keep you hooked, even if some of you might not want to, because you cannot skip the teeny weeny cut scenes!

What should you be aware of?

If you have played this game, the question of how to earn more Ethereum will arrive sooner or later. For the uninitiated, Ethereum is a green crystal in the game. It is required for every upgrade and building new things. It is like gems or diamonds that you find in other games that depict its rarity.

How do you earn it? Sending your spies on a mission. This should reflect as an exclamation mark on the map. A pop up will come to show you how much you would earn per mission. It is essential to run this mission the moment you start the game. It anyway runs in the background. Do this before you start any battle.

Ethereum is also earned upon completing missions.

The first thing you should do is upgrade all buildings to level 2, build a district for scientists and the local population to increase taxes. This will help you earn more gold which is also necessary for running missions and upgrades.

Amid the above process, if you get an opportunity to upgrade your turrets, it is recommended to do that. Remember, upgrading your economy and turrets is essential to complete the campaign.

In simple words, upgrade whichever building you feel necessary. For example, I wanted to upgrade the armoury first, which I did. Then I built a district for scientists and engineers. It helped in increasing my gold output. You might want to consider doing the same.

You could ask a question here what should you focus on in the initial stages of the game? The answer to that is Ethereum and gold. Once you have a steady flow of these two significant resources – upgrading other aspects will be a breeze. This is something which I did not do in the beginning.

What do you get when focusing on gold and Ethereum? This is going to be a subjective reply. Each and every gamer have their own take on level progression. Some of you may prefer to focus on building your economy. Others may prefer upgrading their military instead. No matter what you choose. Gold and Ethereum are common resources to work upon. What I did, in the beginning, was to upgrade militarily and then focus on the economy.

Honestly, you can do it interchangeably, because you won’t go to war every time – no clear answer to this. But, the strategy in such games is unique. You can do as you like as long as you find it tactically sound.

Battle breakdown:

What keeps you going is the campaign mode with a story line. The story is not that interesting enough, unlike Last Hope TD. The plot is simple, there is a war going on, and the enemy is The Cult.

Steampunk Tower 2 battles are 2-D based. It is a single tower with mounted turrets in the levels. There are two things that you should know. The battle takes place in Europe, battling The Cult – the only enemies of humanity.

The battle map is what you see first. The regions are divided into smaller territories, while the larger ones are countries. You can jump across any section of the map to do battle. You can freely move around in a non-turn-based move.

Red and blue markers highlight two types of missions. The red one is the campaign level progressions that will take you forward in the game. The blue one seems to be side missions and not level progression specific.

The battle is automatic – with you having to do little to nothing. Most of the time, you have to make tactical decisions. The major decision – which turret you should reload first in the heat of the battle. Reload the wrong turret, and you will lose your advantage of completing the level. The levels aren’t tough, when you start, I believe they will gradually get challenging. But that needs to be seen.

The best thing about this reloading aspect is that while doing so, your turret isn’t stuck until completed. What I mean is, the reloading process is not fixed, you can bring out your turret even when half reloaded – it wouldn’t matter. You can also switch turrets as often you can. The reloaded ones can occupy the other side – which hasn’t seen any battle. But, trust me, you don’t want to complicate your micro-management.

The battle is very simplified with newer and newer enemy units showing up every time at different levels.


It is similar to going beast or rage mode on your enemy. It is highlighted as a blue glow indicating that it is ready to fire. Different turrets have different abilities depending on the type of enemy units.

It seems to be overpowered sometimes since I have not used it that much. It boils down to you on how you wish to implement it tactically during battle. It is very helpful against heavily armoured units like robots and armoured cars.

You have many turrets at your disposal. The ones I use are the gun turret, cannon, saw cannon and the electric gun as you can see here. These weapons complement each other. For example, the gun turret is a proximity weapon that can hit lightly armoured targets like infantry and lightly armoured flying units like the flying bomb. The cannon turret cannot hit air units, whereas the saw cannon and the electric gun can. The battles seem to be quite repetitive. It can get monotonous as you play since there is little micro-management during the battles.

You can also make use of the steam ray. It needs three slots to be filled to use it. It is too overpowered and is best used when you feel overwhelmed. You can recharge it with diamonds. But I would not recommend using that against regular enemy units but is best against bosses. I have encountered one boss, and I will show how you can easily beat it.

You will also come across three other super-weapons which costs more. I have not made much use of it. But, it is good to keep at least one of them charged. It may come in handy.

Researching with make your turrets powerful which I will mention in detail in future posts.

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