Stop Believing in these Myths before or after becoming a YouTuber

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YouTubing Myths,
YouTubing Myths

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Becoming a YouTuber is both easy and difficult. Easy for content creators who are serious and do it for the love of their niche. Difficult for those who become YouTubers with unrealistic ridiculous expectations of only to earn money. Okay, do you want to become a YouTuber? Why? Let me know in the comments.

Yes, YouTubing is certainly good in generating an alternate source of income. It comes at a cost what most people fail to fathom. Sacrifice is one of them. I’ll talk about this in detail in future posts.

Let us first swallow a bitter pill: content creating is not for everyone. Just because you are creative does not make you a creator, similarly, just because you can sing well does not make you a singer. I know numerous colleagues who speak well but none of them ever wants to be a writer or even gave it a serious thought. Everyone sings, does this mean everyone can become singers as well?

As that aspect is clear from your head, ask yourself why you want to be a YouTuber if you have not yet answered my previous question. The simplest answer you may give is – Money. That is my reason too; however, that is the last on my list of priorities. Just like biking, driving, blogging, music-making – I love gaming as well- that is why my channel exists in the first place.

Since I was not able to fulfil my dream of becoming a game designer, I became a gaming content creator instead. Since I love writing and always wanted to own my website, I launched a place where I can rant, share and open myself up to the world and also give other bloggers a platform to express themselves. Since I love music, I want to be a music producer and working my way towards it.

I also have a 9 to 5 job where I am also earning my bread and butter to support my family. Do you dream of reaching to the top position of your company and earn 6 figure salary? Granted most of us keep that itsy-bitsy expectation. However, think about it. When you start working you have to prove yourself, work hard and smart and keep yourself in the good books of your top management. Doesn’t all of these take time? You certainly cannot expect to take a job today and expect to get promoted tomorrow! YouTubing works similarly.

Trust me, if you have the passion and the desire to be a content creator – not having the time to do what you love is an excuse. If you are passionate, have the desire to explore your dreams and exploit your talent then you can reach great heights. That is how people find success and eventually get there. Most importantly, stop believing in myths or have unrealistic expectations.

I have mentioned a few myths which you must stop believing if you have plans or have recently started YouTubing:

Myth 1. Expecting to blow out after posting the first few videos:

This is natural for any YouTuber. Even I had the same feeling. Honestly, it does not work that way. If it does, then those are extremely rare. If you own a studio with few dedicated people at the job then yes, you can blow up in a short period. However, if you are an individual with a minimal investment structure – it is bound to take time. How long? Again, this is subjective and case to case.

Myth 2: You can blow out with 0 investments:

Let’s talk about investing in building your YouTube Channel. What are the things you would typically need when starting? The most minimal requirement is your smartphone. Smartphones are powerful enough to do most of the tasks a PC can. However, if you have an existing system where you can comfortably work on, then, by all means, work on your PC or Mac.
If you desire a much more powerful system and wish to invest first – go for it. There is nothing like owning a powerful system. I have an ancient rig and juggle it from my office laptop, Phoebe’s laptop and my PC. I would love to own a single system where I can work.
Right now, I am video editing on my phone. To deliver better quality, let’s face it, I need a PC.
These are the ‘investments’ you must look into before venturing into YouTubing.

Myth 3: Why your YouTube Channel is not growing because Google hates you:

If you leave your cake in the oven and not eat it yourself – you cannot expect the cake to walk up to you to be eaten. If you make your cake and eat it then you have to do it yourself. What is the magic word here? Promotion – if you want a more technical term – ‘Building your Online Presence’.

Social media is a great platform to start with. You can either do this yourself or hire an agency to do it for you. The latter would cost you money. An economical way would be to hire any of your friends who are already into it or hire a freelancer and if you wish to do it for free – then do it yourself!

For doing it yourself, you have to learn about social media marketing. Learning will take time and you can do it yourself (self-learn) or take a diploma course. How to come to that decision? I have discussed that in one of my posts already.

Myth 4: I don’t need to upload my video consistently to grow:

This is partially true, case-to-case, niche dependent and is very quality intensive.
However, to grow – you need to know the intricacies of thumbnail design. If your video contains voice-overs, will you use your voice? If yes, you should know how to speak on camera. This may mean developing good oratory skills as well.
You will be surprised to know how the little things matter a lot when you want to grow your channel. If you are serious, you gradually learn things by yourself and there are things, ideas and methods that come to you automatically. You should never reach at that point thinking that you know enough. Always be open to learning.

Some motivation and hard facts about success:

I am a firm believer in time. Everything in this world works according to their time. Are you expecting to meet the love of your life? If you have not yet met one then it is not time for him or her to come into your life just yet. When the right time arrives, you will know it is him or her. If you already have met the love of your life, know how precise the timing was.

Success, just like everything else is depended on time. The pacing of success is not fast nor slow, it is just right.

Success always comes to those who dream and work towards turning their dreams into reality. That’s what separates us from the Tatas, Ambanis, Mahindras, Singhanias and many such business families.

Your efforts will measure how much you wish to grow and how bad you want it.”

When you are passionate about something – it shows. Failure is a part of being successful. Imagine, how will you get up if you had not fallen? If you do not get hurt, how will you know pain? If you have not experienced hardships of any kind, how will know to be prepared and deal with an impending hardship in the future?

It is important to not give up no matter what life throws at you. Being successful is not just about having a million subscribers and billion views or even getting huge brand deals and sponsorships. Success is doing what you love and accept the eventuality of getting there.

Passing Thoughts:

Look at me. I am working without a workstation. I am using a laptop which is not as powerful as I want it – but at least it gets the job done.

Make sure you don’t have a system simply for getting the job done. You must have a system in which you can do all of your work.

Even when I had a PC, due to low specs I had no choice but sometimes had to juggle between the laptop, my smartphone and the PC. It is not a nice way of working now, is it? But, I am not letting that stop me. I am still doing it and have continued to do so in my capacity these past 2 years.
I did not have a PC this past one and a half years since November of 2019! After I managed to get a used PC (from my late father-in-law), I bought a website. Now, from April 2020 onwards, my PC is not working. Due to the coronavirus lockdown extended till May 3 2020, I am unable to call the engineer to fix it. These are my hardships but that has not come in the way.

I have a bad habit of getting carried away. I shall stop my post here. Hope my blogs prepare you for somethings.

All the best.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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