The Catapult 2 Secret Level Solved Puzzle Maps

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The secret level is a new addition to The Catapult 2 game. It comes in addition to the bonus level albeit less difficult. The premise of the level is simple, you hit flyby owls just like crows and falcons to get 1 in 15 pieces of maps. With these pieces, you assemble your final map like a jig-saw. The secret level opens only after this puzzle is resolved.

I have broken down the entire secret level on my channel, the link to which you can find below:

You can play this level only once and move on to the next map. To make it easier for gamers, I have decided to make a common post for all these puzzle maps. This post will be updated from time to time. Enjoy!

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Map 1

The Catapult 2 The Secret Level Map 1
The Secret Level Map 1

Map 2

The Catapult 2 The Secret Level Map 2
The Secret Level Map 2

Map 3

The Catapult 2 The Secret Level Map 2
The Secret Level Map 3

Map 4

The Secret Map 4

Map 5

Secret level 5
Secret Level 5

Map 6

Secret level 6
The Catapult 2 Secret level 6

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