The Endless mode in The Catapult 2 over the Years

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Over the years, I have played the endless mode in The Catapult 2 on numerous occasions. For several years the gameplay remained constant – playing the same thing repeatedly. It was not long before the developers BYV introduced changes to better play the Endless Mode over time.

I will share my experience of playing the endless mode, the change over the years and how it affects you. The ‘change’ was supposed to change the user experience. Did it work? I will talk about that as well.

The current version of The Catapult 2 game has two endless modes: the Classic mode (AKA monotonous mode!) and the ‘New’ mode – which is more dynamic.

Two Endless Modes

Both introduced us in the most recent update, which I was not expecting!

The general idea of the Endless Mode:

Dynamic or the New endless mode:
Let me address the meaning of the word “dynamic”.

The format is way different from the traditional-predictable method. Here, it is just the opposite – unpredictable. You would not earn enough gold – but this is fine. Players got more than just gold – there are other rewards.

Comparing the two – you beat five bosses in the classic mode- to get 3000 gold guaranteed. You then play ads to double the amount. You can do the same with the current endless mode. If your progress ends at any wave, you can double your rewards by voluntarily running ads.

Trust me when I say in the dynamic endless mode, you have to go prepared if you wish for that big fat reward. The longer you survive, the better are your rewards.

But your reward should be like this, you invest 2000 gold and earn 2000 back – that’s ridiculous because you spent 2000 gold to earn more than 2000 gold. If you’re getting back the same amount or more, then what sense does it make to play the endless mode in the first place. Think about it. I will show a simple calculation later that will help you in this regard.

The dynamism prevents any form of repetition that you have witnessed in the previous mode. You are dependent on the skills, add-ons and other things you can muster to survive as long as you can.

Just as I did, so will you make extensive use of skills to earn that reward. The idea here is to make minimal use of it to ensure you do not indiscriminately use anything. I prefer this method.

I have a question for those who have played the old endless mode before the update. How many times have you used your skills or add-on? I bet your answer is going to be rarely. I would designate a ‘no-skill’ policy until I reached a particular gold count. I was confident of getting around 2 to 3000 gold or even more. I don’t exactly remember how much it has been a long time.

Now it does not matter – making good use of the skills, add-on, strategies and tactics help survive longer. The longer your survival – the better the rewards.

So whenever you play, you get more than just gold.

Playing the endless mode is almost the same as the campaign. There is no differentiation between the two, the only exception being – you may make full use of the overhaul and the other skill you use.

What does this mean? Earn the fruits of your labour! That was typical only in the campaign. But it is also true of this mode! You will find yourself putting in a little more to the same efforts as playing the campaign.

It gets tempting to stock around ten overhaul skills plus any active or passive skill. Let this simple math help you to control your spending. Let’s say you invested around ten overhaul skills and ten sunbeam skills.

Overhaul skill costs 750 gold while the sunbeam costs 275 gold.
750 multiplied by 10 gives you 7500 gold, while 275 multiplied by 10 gives you 2750 gold. So, you are investing 10,250 gold in that endless mode. How much do you recover after playing that game? I know it is not possible to get the same amount back with every game. My idea here is to encourage you to think. This trick will gradually help to build your stash of gold. You can also use it for the campaign mode.

So, what do you think about the calculation I just gave you? Do you have an alternative to that or something better? Let me know in the comments.

The ultimate tutorial:

I am going to present my Ultimate Guide to the Dynamic Endless Mode.

Before the game starts, you should check your weapons, ammo or any other kind of set-up you wish to do. The moment you hit ‘play’, all hell will break loose. So make sure you have done your preparations beforehand, either before the game starts or when you see the flash screen.

When the game starts, the flash screen is what you see first. It highlights the rewards for every wave that you complete. The end reward is gift wrapped and revealed after completing the first five waves.

You have 15 cards that act as an energy bar. It takes three cards for one game. It will take around 17 min for a single recharge. Irrespective of how you use them, these cards reset every 12 hours.

It also has a nifty little thing at the bottom displaying the number of kills. I am yet to figure out this part. If you have an answer to this question, please let me know in the comments.

The first 2 to 3 waves may seem easy. The spawning enemy units appear at random – just like the campaign levels. You can’t predict or gauge which enemy units will join the battle – which is very obvious. So chances are, the skills or spells you have chosen may not work best for some enemy units. As mentioned in previous posts, fire deals better damage to shielded enemy units.

What type of skill should you best use – active or passive? You may say active since it makes more sense, but honestly – I don’t know the answer to this question yet since both work best depending on how well you use them.

The best part about this mode is that if your game ends prematurely at any wave – you can replay from that wave. So, for example, if your game ended at wave 4, you can then continue from there. Doing so will bring your kills back to zero. I don’t see a problem with that, and neither should you, I hope. Ask yourselves, what is your intention of playing this level in the first place? Do you want more gold, complete the most number of waves or have fun?

The goal is to earn more gold. Because at the end of the day, we want to increase our stash of gold to enable us to upgrade our catapults and even buy better ones.

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