The Thing about Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedy are not only good for comic relief, tickling your funny bone or bringing a smile across your face. They entertain you for a price whereas others like me see it for free on YouTube! It would not matter how new or old the joke was. 

Why am I talking about stand-up comics now? Because there’s one who is close to my heart and he is none other than – Gabriel Iglesias aka the Mr Fluffy! 

Two reasons I like him a lot: 1) he is not racist – he does not require an example in the form of racism to crack a joke. Even if it’s a joke! He isn’t even borderline racist.

2) He does impressions – that’s why he is more of an entertainer rather than a comic!   

I remember this adage – one man’s joke is another man’s insult!

Sikhs used to be called the Indian version of having a blonde’s intelligence. Although, it is not true in the real sense of the term. They were affectionately called Sardar which means leader. 

But in their context, it was a derogatory term. 

Dumb, unintelligent, stupid, half-witted are the words to describe the meaning of Sardar

Many of us innocently shared Sardar jokes as kids. There were even instances when our Sikh friends would themselves crack such jokes. Nearly a decade later, these Sardar jokes were looked down upon and the Sikh community requested to stop cracking such jokes. I stopped the moment I realised my folly. 

Truth be told about Sikhs. They are marvellous people and amongst all communities in India, I have lots of respect for Sikhs. Read about Langar and you will know more about Sikhs. 

Coming back to Mr Fluffy, he is never racist in his jokes. He is curious about other cultures that’s fascinating for him. What makes his jokes good are his impressions of people. Is he popular because of that? Possibly. 

If you have heard his jokes on YouTube then you know his jokes are good. Haven’t heard about him, I strongly recommend you check out his stand-up. 

Some of my favourite jokes:

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