What Was it Like Returning to War Robots

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War Robots is another game that I have returned to. This blog will trace that gap from when I first played to returning to the battlefield. It’s been long, very long since I decided to return. There are a lot of changes. This blog post will delve into my thoughts about the new look and feel. 

Why did I choose to return after such a long time? 

I wanted to play a game that I was familiar with. Spoilt for choices in the Play Store – makes it overwhelming to make the right choice. I wanted a game to stick around for a long time and not just play for a short time and let go. I was compelled to let go earlier due to space constraints. Now, I don’t have any excuses!

Unlike other battle royal games, War Robots somehow reminds me of the MechWarrior series. Yes, that game is close to my heart because I used to play it a lot during my school days. I still cannot play it on my PC due to the lack of a graphics card. I plan to get that in the end after I upgrade my storage and RAM. A graphics card is not a priority right now, but storage is!

Getting back to the game. The first thing that hit me is the new interface. It seems like the title has an addition of the word ‘Remastered’. I wonder what that means. Pixonic – the developers are constantly improving the game with regular updates. And, if you haven’t yet noticed, they are focused on this game and not coming up with a War Robots 2 or 3.  

 That’s not important as long as the game does not lose its essence of epic battles, even if it is between 6-by-6 pilots and not epic battle ‘royale- ish’. You know what I mean!

War Robots has also introduced Titans. I understand that Titans are Giant Robot class, or perhaps Jaegar class of robots. The name is self-explanatory. Titans mean massive or something huge. The sunken ship Titanic had derived its name from the word Titan – that depicted size.

So, with Titans – I suspect there would be a different class of weapons to accommodate the size as well. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to put Molot or punisher on them. I am eager to try out those weapons, but I am at level 11 right now. So getting there will take a long time and I am prepared to wait.

Are Titan weapons specific to titan classes of robots, or are they universal? If you already have an answer to this question, please let me know in the comments. 

What are my plans for this game besides sticking to it?

I will continue to post gameplay videos and blog posts over time. Explainer videos may take some time. Games like this should leave me some room to post explainer videos and blogs. It will happen but slowly. 

How can I forget? Weapons breakdown! I will be doing that over time and how to use them in tested battle scenarios and tactics.  

The gameplay is smooth as usual and plays really well. I like that. 

One key thing I want to talk about is the battle – how it plays out. The camera view is from 3rd person – which helps you get a full view of the battlefield. The confrontation does not look chaotic, but it is intense. The intensity increases further when you face off against your opponents. Two massive robots, duking it out against each other until one remains standing! In rare scenarios, both are down! 

I do have some old videos that I had made on War Robots previously, please check them out in the dedicated War Robots playlist. Please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram for regular gaming updates and other videos. You will find all the links in the description. 

Let’s see how things go with this game. 

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