Why did I choose LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) as my preferred DAW?

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What Should a Music Producer use?

What is LMMS? It’s an FOSS DAW. It is also called as a clone of FL Studio. I have used both, although I am better acquainted with LMMS. This not going be a comparison but about choice. I will be exploring the reasons for my choice.

The very first reason why I chose it over other DAWs is that it did not cost me anything. When starting as a first-time music producer, the cost is a very important factor to consider. You have to keep a constant eye not on how much you spend but on what you spend. Anything you spend on is going to be an investment. So, as a producer, you have to make a decision which will affect you in the long term.

The cost factor is especially true when you have a family to care for and are endowed with other familial responsibilities. So, will I stick with LMMS forever? I do not have a sure-shot answer for that as of yet because you have to consider all options and if possible try as much as DAWs you possibly and feasibly can.

Honestly speaking, after LMMS, FL Studio is something I have set my eyes on. However, it will be for something in the future once I have all avenues of monetization opened and ‘investing’ won’t be a problem.

LMMS is going to be daunting for first-timers especially if you do not know music theory.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge and don’t know (yet) about chords, melody and making beats. I am learning though, through a free resource what all of us are blest with – YouTube. Yes, there are tutorials and some of them are good. But, when you are cost-sensitive – beggars cannot be choosers! I don’t mean to say that all wannabe music producers must go with LMMS. No.

As long you are self-assured that you will continue to use that DAW either for a long time or it is going to worth the penny you invest-it’s fine to buy the one you are comfortable with.

Why not check out the demo or the trial versions instead? That way you can be better acquainted before investing.

Before you consider buying the free or the paid DAW, I would highly recommend for you at least learn music theory either professionally or otherwise as it will help a great deal. Why am I not taking it up is because of time.

Previously, i.e. before working, I did not have the finance and lacked time, later I had the time and no finance to pursue my interests. Now, I have the finance but no time.

I have always wanted to create music. It all started when I listened to Sadeness from enigma and was instantly mesmerised. That was the first electronic music I was exposed to. I lacked some planning on how should I go about making enigma inspired music. I also considered about founding my band! I remember calling it ‘Crooked Caps’ when I was in school. Glad it did not work out!

Thanks to this marvellous piece of software – LMMS, I was also introduced to other DAWs like Reaper, Ableton Live, etc.

I have, however, set my eyes on Fl Studio and Ableton Live may also figure on my radar.

It was not long when I came across the idea of a home music studio. That is when I decide to have one of my own. Very little investment is needed and LMMS is perfect for starting with little to no investment.

Eventually, once my base is firmly set, I will move to the bigger fish. I will have to write another blog describing my transition but that’s a post best left for the future to decide.

Most DAWs have the same thing working in the background. They have a piano roll, effects plugins, some of them may support external VST files, musical instruments and effects while others especially the paid ones come with a plethora of features.

LMMS is complicated and may prove to be intimidating for most first-timers. It was not easy but when you have a dream to fulfil – no obstacle is hard to overcome. How easy are other DAWs in comparison? There is a learning curve associated with all software. Some of them may be steep or gentle – this is a subjective judgement.

I will be sharing my learning curve and progress in this blog posts I will be sticking with LMMS for a long time. I have set my sights on buying 66-keys midi keyboard and studio monitor headsets later during the year.

My goal now is to buy a good and powerful PC- that is my priority. Although, LMMS is not resource-heavy, I will need the powerful PC to accomplish other tasks like video editing for my YouTube Channel and playing games among other things.

My current home music studio idea for music genre is to get into electronic music. I have made a few EDM tracks but they are just basic and is not ear-worthy. However, producing enigma-inspired music is my goal. I don’t want to replace Michael Cretu but would be honoured if I can resemble him a little.

I still have a lot to learn about the music-making which is a work in progress. Until then I am surviving with what I can make do with blogging and testing LMMS. Wish me luck!

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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