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Have you started playing War Robots on Android? If you have reached the first few levels, then this beginner’s breakdown blog post is for you. 

What are War Robots?

There are many battle royale games out there. The sheer number of players per battle not only makes the game boring-long but also super time-consuming. It is one of the several reasons I do not indulge in battle-royal games. War Robots is a 6-vs-6 multiplayer game where you man mechs. It is similar to the Mechwarrior game, where you control giant robot platforms to do some damage.

The battle

You begin the game with one robot with limited hit points and weapons. You may still win some battles, which isn’t surprising. It will give you a taste of things to come. The ‘match-making’ server does a decent job of aligning like-level players. 

When I first played it many years ago, it was still fresh and far from perfect. The match-making was not good enough. The server would throw a novice against veteran players in the beginning.  

This time I think the process is much improved but still not perfect. You will earn sufficient in-game currencies to get yourself going in the game. Initially, you may not figure out how things work the way they do. It is significant to understand the game mechanics. It is fine – as with any game, you must get acquainted with how things work. The sooner you comprehend, the better you are at playing.

For instance, you may not know anything about tokens. You may be hesitant at first to accept them. But that’s okay. Anything you get for free or through incentivised ads is not a bad thing at all. Sooner or later, you will get the idea.

The battles that you fight may also go haywire. You will typically go all guns blazing, and your robot is destroyed sooner than you would want to last. That’s fine because it is all part of the learning process. Take your time to understand the battle and how things work. Understanding tactics and how to better use them will come to use later. So, initially, you are welcome to simply ‘play’.

I highly recommend you first unlock as many slots as you can. More slots help you launch more robots in the battle. It means you can spend more time on the battlefield. 

What robots and weapons should you choose? 

I don’t have any personal recommendations here. There is no such thing as weak or strong robots in the beginning. It all depends on the player. Given the vast selection of weapons, make the best use of what you get and have.

I say this because you can upgrade weapons and assemble components for powerful weapons later in the game. The variety of weapon systems you see does not matter. What matter is how you use them. 

For example, some missile weapons can lock on to their respective targets. You must have enough room for the missiles to launch and hit their targets. The map that you’re battling on also factors. The trebuchet can do extensive damage at long range, and hiding behind a cover may not help as the rockets take a ballistic trajectory. 

Study the weapons and their engagement ranges. Molot’s range is 800 meters – anything beyond that you are wasting your ammo. Similarly, Punisher’s effective range is 500 meters. Every weapon and robot has its pros and cons. Understand these to get a better hands-on idea about how they work. How you use the weapons is all that matters. 

Molot War robot android game projectile weapon

Punisher War robot android game projectile weapon

Battles are won by how you make the best use of these weapons and tactics. Speaking of tactics, making the best use of your surroundings plays an important role. Using your environment to your advantage will go a long way to winning battles. Unfortunately, how to best use tactics is best understood after playing extensively regularly. 

Upgrading weapons:

Upgrading your weapons is very tempting and very pricey. I leave it to you. If you intend to stick around with the same robot for a long time then it does make sense to upgrade both the robot and weapons. Every robot and weapon has its pros and cons. The key to winning battles is to understand them. Upgrade those only you plan to stick with for a long time.

The range of weapons is one thing. Some robots may be fast, others slow, and some may have jump jets to bounce around the battlefield. Some newer robots can hover for an extended time. While others use stealth. The robots don’t go invisible per se, but they prevent a weapons lock. It is these unique features that you can use to your advantage.

Some players are well-versed in long-range attacks, while others like to dish it out in close quarters. There are still others who prefer a mix of both. Depending on the advantages of your robot, you can make the best use of what they offer.

Always remember these three things: Robots, weapons and the environment matter. Make the best use of these to win battles. Winning may not be possible every time. However, you can reduce your losses. Many things can go right and wrong in this game. 

Extensive playability: 

Luckily, War Robots is a multi-platform game. What different platforms can you plat War Robots? What are the differences between each of them. What should you choose? 

When you have a not-so-powerful PC, and you do not wish to spend money on games. What do you do? Well, look for free games, of course. I was browsing through the free-to-play games on Steam. To my pleasant surprise – I found War Robots on that platform. My reaction was – Wow! I have to try this.

Why should you? Firstly, if you are a PC person and play FPS games, then War Robots gives you a similar experience.

The controls are really Budwiser smooth. I find it more smooth than playing on Android and Bluestacks. The are a few things that I miss playing on Steam, which I will come to later. 

Steam is a cross-platform service. So, are you a Mac user and deprived of playing some Android games? Then you must try playing on Steam. Please check the game specs before downloading. 

If I were playing on the PC, I would use the mouse to aim and the keyboard ASWD keys to move – how easy is that! This control is standard across PC-FPS games.

It is not just the controls which are great, but the graphics are great too. I did not find any difference when comparing it with the Android platform. Speaking of controls – playing a game on a smartphone is not always smooth. This is particularly true of a game like War Robots – where you have to move forward and slide to aim and open fire. Despite that, the gameplay experience is still good.

On the PC, you have an alternative besides Steam. Use an Android emulator like Bluestacks or LD player. The ones I mentioned is not the only one. Just Google for the best emulator online and you will get a list of these. 

I have used both. The gameplay experience was good initially but I started getting blue screen errors and stopped playing them. I am not saying that the Android emulators aren’t stable. I am sure they would work well on your systems. Give it a try. The solution to the blue screen error is still a work in progress for me. 

Once that’s resolved, I will be back to playing Real Racing 3 and War Robots on Bluestacks. But, I am not counting on it.

One of the best advantages emulators and Steam give gamers is the large screen, unlike the Android smartphone. Frankly speaking, when it comes to gameplay, size does not matter. The gameplay does. War Robots delivers on the gameplay without any kind of disappointments.

What advantage does an android smartphone have over the PC and emulator? The answer is portability. For obvious reasons, you cannot carry your PC everywhere. Even if you did, getting a super-long extension cord would not help. For such kind of gamers who like to take their game with them, a smartphone is a right choice. 

So you are free to play War Robots anywhere and at any time. Pun intended!

The steam platform misses out on one rather important thing – incentivised ads. With the emulator and the smartphone, you can exploit this opportunity to build your in-game currency reserves and other important things like keys and platinum.

Now let’s bring in the choice factor. What platform should you choose: PC Emulator, Steam or Android? To be fair, you should try to play War Robots on all the platforms to get a feel of things. Would this be the right thing to do? I don’t know. I’ve tried it. Even though I prefer playing on the PC, I still came full circle to the smartphone. 

Practically speaking, the Android smartphone makes more sense and has more leverage over the other two platforms due to its nature of portability. If the emulator or steam works best on your PC or Mac, by all means, grab that opportunity because it gives you a better gaming experience.

A larger screen makes all the difference and sometimes, portability is all that counts. It is a good thing that War Robots can be played on Android and Steam. Whatever platform you choose, make sure you stick with it. That’s because when you play for a long time, you tend to build a lot of gameplay experience, progress and other things of value.

I might be a little biased when I say that I prefer the Steam platform over the Android version because I am a PC person. But, I continue to play games on my Android phones for reasons I have best explained in my previous video. 

Steam is a great platform for gamers and developers as it is available for both Mac and PC users. However, there can be some differences between Android and Steam games, which can be big or small without any changes to the graphics and gameplay overall.

Let’s talk about the game on the Steam platform. The first thing you might notice is the gameplay. I understood not only the gameplay is smooth but so is the graphics. It looks and feels better than the Android version. 

The biggest difference is the screen. The robots look really big, which makes the game even more immersive. Try watching this video on PC and Android to understand the differences. The difference in the screen sizes makes all the difference. Pun intended. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to what kind of experience you are looking for. I prefer a large screen. My preferred instruments of destruction are the keyboard and mouse. It also offers me as a content creator – immense flexibility in screen capture and video editing. 

Coming to the important difference: there are no incentivised ads on Steam. Steam as a platform does not permit ads. But there are things you can buy similar to the ones on Android. Some benefits are exclusive to Android – the incentivised ad structure that helps you earn other in-game currencies like tokens, keys, gold, silver and platinum faster. This is what gamers lose out on the Steam platform which makes earning things slower. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

From an android gamer’s perspective, it is a bad thing. That’s because the pace at which we earn tokens, tickets, gold, silver and platinum can be an envy for every steam user. 

This basically means that you have to play the game at two or three times the speed of a normal Android player to progress through the levels and earn stuff. The rate at which you earn silver, gold, and other items determine how well you can win battles. Not to mention the upgrades. You need to upgrade your robots and weapons from time to time to make them more powerful.

Here’s some food for thought:

Is the steam server exclusive to Steam players? Is the game on Android servers exclusive to Android users? Is there no mix of players between the two platforms running on one server? I mean, do players on the Steam platform happen to come across android gamers and vice versa? 

If there is one word that I can use to describe War Robots on Steam is that it is slow. I am not being negative here. Steam does offer some level of incentivisation and that is the supply centre. You can run it thrice to get some rewards – all without ads.

War Robots are something I call a pure game. It is similar to other steam and PC-based gaming.

Personal preference is all that matters. Be sure to make your choice in the right possible way that will help you in the long term.

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