…And You Thought Blogging & YouTubing are Easy!

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Everything has a price, how priceless are you?

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Should you start with blogging and YouTubing both or go for only one of them? That is an interesting question. As YouTuber and a Blogger, this is my take. No matter what you choose, neither of them are going to be easy.

Before starting with either, ask yourself why do you want to YouTube or blog in the first place? My reasons are simple: I love to write, I love games more than I love money. Yes, I do have my usual 9-to-5 job that also involves writing but it isn’t a full-fledged writing job. But, at this age that I am at, you need to think ahead. I’ll not get into the details in this regard.

What you should about Blogging & YouTubing?
What you need to understand is blogging and YouTubing serves and caters to a different audience. Blogging is, even more, better if you have an unflinching true-love for writing. YouTubing falls towards a more creative aspect. You have to fulfil the roles of several people in one pair of shoes. More on this later.

Let me first talk about blogging: it is an excellent way to hone your language skills and test your content marketing ability. Like I always say, if you have talent – you can monetise it. I’ll show you how in my future blog posts.

The very thing I noticed when writing a blog – the structure is of utmost importance. What is the structure in a blog post? You can call is either as a skeletal or an outline of the topic. Say, for example, this topic is called

‘…And You Thought Blogging & YouTubing are Easy!’ what am I trying to convey with this blog post? Here are three things what I look at:
Go Pro For More Highlights1) The Central Idea- share my experiences, opinion, ideas with the world?
2) The Global Idea – Not just share my experiences but also share some ‘how-tos’ like guidance, and
3) The reader idea – Connect with the reader by telling a story.

Although, the three points listed above are just bare-bones and does not form a complete skeletal structure. The actual skeletal structure, according to me, they are:
1) Make a good headline
2) the Introduction should give readers an idea of what you have blogged about and what they should expect.
3) Club your how-tos with your experiences – better if they are relatable. It adds the requisite emotional quotient to your writing. However, make sure you don’t overdo it as it may be counterproductive.
4) Blogging from the heart -this forms the heart-beat of your blog.

Doing what you love?
Readers and visitors both are smart enough to gauge this whether you are YouTubing or Blogging. It doesn’t matter. When you put your heart and soul in your work, trust me, it shows. Same goes for YouTubing as well, not the skeletal structure-just the 4th point.

Blogging isn’t new to me, I had a WordPress blog earlier and moved to this website. I craved and longed to have my website. The rest, as they say, is history.

Let me now talk about YouTubing. I publish videos on Wednesdays and moved from Friday to Saturdays.

Shoes a YouTuber wears:
I had talked about putting up the roles of many shoes. Let me elaborate. YouTubing is not just about posted vlogs all the time.

You would also need to fill in the shoes of an Image Editor for posting good thumbnails. Manager- yes, I never thought about it but you are your manager – “> you have to manage your channel – promoting it. That comes later, you have to make your channel’s presence felt in the online world. If a YouTubee does not know about you as a YouTuber – promoting your channel – your channel will go nowhere. Social media is an excellent place to promote. This is particularly true if you are the only person doing all these things.

Well, there are exceptions to the fact that some channels blow up in a matter of months, some like mine, will take years to blow up. Mine will also take years, however, with the help of this website and some promotions on social media, I plan to cut down the time for blowing up on YouTube. Will I succeed? I can’t answer that question in any certainty.

Because the chances are it may work and may not. I plan to avert the inevitable, so keeping my fingers crossed.

What works or does not work – you will only realise that after you put it to work. If it works, you know what works and if it doesn’t you know you need a new way to make it work.

Keeping investments to a minimum:
With a small investment, if you like, you can hire professionals, freelancers particularly, to help you promote and do a little bit of extra nitty-gritty stuff you don’t wish to do.

I am unprepared to invest. This is particularly difficult especially when you are a new YouTuber. You would want to keep your investments to a bare minimum.

Whatever you plan on investing, make sure it is worth it.
It is not easy nor is it difficult, the idea is to invest not just money but your time as well.

Let me give you an example, I bet most of you reading this have a wife or a girlfriend or a partner. If you love them, you make time for them, right?
The same goes for blogging and YouTubing.

Despite your busy schedule, you will be able to make time for them. Quoting, “I don’t have time,” cannot be an excuse.

You should be asking this question to PewDeePie, Bright Side, In The Mix and other successful YouTubers, Vloggers and Bloggers. I strongly believe they made the time to blow up online. The put in the efforts, time and part of their lives to make it happen.

Hard work or smart work- whatever you believe in pays. Maybe, it may take time, but it pays.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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