Getting into Music Production – What you should know from a Beginner

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Music production basics and what it is it:

So, you want to be a music producer? Isn’t that’s why you’re reading my blog? You could have found tons of such information on YouTube, but you still chose to read my post. Thank you.

Let me – as a Music Producer take you there without further ado.
Music Production – according to me, is more like an artist who paints a picture on a canvas. The canvas of a music producer is the things he is working on – DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the canvas – his instruments become the colours while using the piano roll and step sequencer – his paintbrushes.

Basics: Music production process in brief, role, responsibilities,

Music production involves not just making music but composing and arranging the tracks and some instances – songwriting. Some artists are music producers launching their careers as both. While some producers have the responsibilities broken down. Some individuals singularly take the role of Producing Music, Composing a song or track and songwriting as a separate role.

I am an ‘all-in-one’ music producer who can produce, compose, arrange and write songs.

According to my experience – a music producer should take up all these roles by themselves. It gives you greater control and should also be open to ideas from others.

In my instance, I won’t do most of the singing. I require two female and one male singer (this does not count me in it) to fill the void.

The most common thing among music producers is to find the right talent to launch. It involves scouting for the potential online and offline by attending events or through references.

A new trend has risen in the past few years. If you aren’t aware – singing reality shows took the music world by storm. I do not follow any singing reality shows.

How do you plan on taking it up? It is your call since it won’t be easy to get the right voice. Every producer who is also a songwriter has an idea of what kind of voice better fits the song. I need voices that convey energy and emotion. What are you looking for when looking for singers?

Singing is part of music production but not necessarily a part of the painting process. When you paint the blue sky on a canvas, you may not always need to colour it red. You use red colour when you paint dawn or dusk on your canvas.

I need singers because I want to expand the genres. I don’t want to devote my time to making only progressive house music. I will eventually divert attention towards other genres like Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Cinematic music.

Music theory essentials, requirements and uses & personal experiences like struggles, challenges,

Music Theory is necessary but not significant. I have gathered some knowledge of music theory that I learned by watching YouTube tutorial videos. You may do the same.

It is always a better option to take up music courses if you have the time. Having learnt to play any musical instrument is also an asset. I can’t play the keyboard but can create melodies and chords in the piano roll of my DAW.

Music creation: Processes, ideas inspirations, experiences and processes

The Music creation process varies across the board. Some producers start with the melodies. Other with the chords while there others who start with the beats.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with when making music-. I can make music starting with the melodies or chords. I always keep the beats for later because it may change with the process.

The ultimate goal of making music is making it sound right to the ears. Ear training goes a long way to decipher good sounding music. As long as it sounds good to you, it will sure sound good to others as well.


When I wanted to source good content across the only platform that could help me out, I had to make sure the creators I consumed were credible.Usually, when learning music production, you will come across two kinds of creators – one who makes content because they are good at it and know their niche very well. Two – credible creators who have also established themselves as artists.

Not all well-known artists have a YouTube channel and curate content regularly. Time and efforts to record, edit and post the content online is not something everyone has. You either do it yourself or hire someone to do it.

It is no easy task to do everything. Such well-known producers contribute their know-how to Masterclass channels, interviews and podcasts. Not knowing who is behind the song – is unheard of in this day and age of the internet. Fineas is the music producer for Billie Eilish, Illangelo is responsible for the vocals for The Weeknd.

Then, some producers create original scores for films and video games. It is vital to get perspectives from all of them. Each person’s interpretation of music is different.

I have learnt a lot from YouTubers: Michael from In The Mix, Alex Rome. Creative Sauce, ADK Studios and some random channel.

I read articles from the Music Radar and HA Samples newsletters. Your source may differ as a matter of personal preference.

Getting there:

You start somewhere. I started in 2018 and went live with my 3 EPs on December 25th, 2021. Coming out of the shell after three years is no easy feat. Some producers take 5-10 years. Anyone who takes that long is sure to blow on the music scene! I don’t know how true is that.

You must be persistent, persevere, struggle and most vital – don’t give up. Keep the patience to learn as you grow and apply your knowledge to fulfill your dream. That’s the only way – try.

Doing what you love and loving what you do is not an easy task. Hard work and work-smart exist everywhere. The thing is, you should enjoy what you do. That’s when your work becomes easy.

I am not a full-time blogger, YouTuber or Music Producer. I intended to make it my full-time job sooner or later. To get there, I learn all that I need. Implement my learning to eventually count myself among the men and women behind prominent music producers mentioned above.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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