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Platformer games are aplenty, but getting around tough platformer games are rare. Red Siren is one such rarity that is good and bad at the same time. I have played this game, uninstalled, reinstalled and uninstalled it again. 

The trouble is not the game but the insufficient space in my phone compelling me to shift priorities. But this post isn’t about my priorities. It is about Red Siren.

Game: Red Siren
Game Genre: 3D Platformer
Genre: Sci-fi
OS: Android

What is Red Siren game all about?

It is 3d platformer like a fast-paced sci-fi action game. The premise of the game is: you control a futuristic-looking V22 Osprey type plane on a desolate planet. Your only remaining HQ is under attack and your job is to take out the invading forces hell-bent on destroying your HQ. In other words, you play a good balance of defence and offence at the same time.

The graphics are good, as you can see, even the smallest detail is taken care of. The background environment, the effects, the animation is nicely done. It adds to the mood. The sound effects and background music is even better. 

Red Siren Game

Now there’s no tutorial for you to start with as it is very simple to play. Your craft can fly and take out opponents easily early on in the game to give you an idea on how to play. Once you are accustomed, the game becomes interesting. Controls are fluidic. It’s a matter of getting used, play a few games and you will know what to do next and what to expect.

What I liked about the game and you may too:

You may take up to 2-3 minutes to complete a particular level. Some levels are even shorter. It would solely fall on how fast, tactically smart can you cross the level. More info on this later in the post. 

Gameplay-wise, Red Siren does not disappoint. The interface is easy enough for any newbie to get acquainted with the game. The tactics make the game feel different. For example, you can equip your craft with various weapons from bombs, missiles and energy weapons. The pacing of the game depends on how tactically sound do you use these weapons. This is what I meant when we said earlier about playing this game smartly. 

Red Siren spacecraft
The first craft you get to battle

There’s no learning curve for flying the craft. The only entertainment aspect of the game is the challenge it offers. The best part is, if you accidentally hit the ground, the craft won’t crash. That was a relief. The animation is nice. Notice what happens when you destroy them. There’s a sequence of events to their destruction. First, sparks come out as if it’s shorted and then it blows. Power-ups are well-timed. But, they are subjective for survival.

Now for the things, I didn’t like: the levels are very repetitive. As you progress, the game may make some of you feel monotonous. When the levels get progressively difficult, you will lose interest in the game eventually. Very few will stick on with it for a long time. There’s only one game mode the offline campaign. 

A game like this should have a multiplayer mode to battle other players online or even other game-modes like the infinite mode, survival, etc. to develop further interest. Sadly, it doesn’t incorporate any of that feature. 

The only thing you can customize in the game is a vast array of the weapon system. 

Some of them are cheap while some are pricey. For most players, it will be like walking in the dark. Because most of you will be unaware of the game mechanics. For example, the weapon given to you initially is the heavy machine gun. We were not aware that the other weapon system like bombs. You can obtain energy weapons and missile irrespective of your level. Unlike other games where you must attain a particular level or score to obtain better weapons, it is not so with Red Siren. 

The game is so designed – that you will eventually know the hidden features we just mentioned. Then again, not every gamer is smart. Anyway, you must have lots of in-game credits to buy them. Make some careful choices. Alternatively, you can also buy in-game cash with real money.  

My thoughts: 

the game is good but could be better. It offers ample of killing time. The challenges are varied as the game throws in some new enemies with higher health points for you to kill. The graphics and sound effects do ample justice to your fun factor. The action is good enough to get you hooked. The pacing isn’t fast nor slow. Red Siren does have non-intrusive ads. It makes use of voluntary playing of the ads to double your end-level credits. That’s a good thing. 

What else you should know about the game

If you do not mind the repetitive gameplay, then this game is for you. Red Siren will appeal to both serious and casual gamers. Hardcore gamers who wish to invent new tactics can also download, though it may not appeal to most of you. 

How to proceed in Red Siren:

Okay. For those of you playing Red Siren for some time and are stuck. You want to progress but don’t know how. You don’t have enough cash nor do you know the best way forward. Upgrading your weapon system may not always seem feasible. The upgrade is pricey. Besides, you have to painstakingly and patiently wait. God knows for how long until you get that amount of credits to upgrade. 

The option what I have is not something we got unexpectedly. It is something that you would also know at the back of your head. It’s like an only option available for progressing forward. For those of you struggling to find a way, please stop looking for an alternative because there isn’t any.

For those of you willing to try to take the micro-transaction route please go ahead with that, because the option I am presenting in this video is not easy. 

So how do you progress in the game? You do that by replaying all the previous levels. Yes, you heard us right. You not only do that but also play the ads voluntarily after the end of the level to double your rewards. 

Trust me. This may seem like an arduous process, but it is worth it. You can take your progress further into the game albeit slowly. I have been using this option for quite some time and although I have found it to be monotonous, initially I did not mind. But, sooner or later, that repetitiveness will kick in eventually compelling you to make that micro-transaction. 

The tactic you should try:

How to progress

It took me a long time to complete level 10. It was challenging even when I used to play Red Siren not that often. I would play it less often. You see when you play any game you get better at it when you play repeatedly. Not giving up helps when you are in no mood to uninstall the game despite the failures you encounter.

First, you must try to understand how you can lose a level. That can happen in two ways. You lose the level when the enemy destroys your HQ or your craft.

There are two ways to complete these difficult levels. You must upgrade when you can and use the tactic I am going to give you in this video. How it works is like this. Before you decide on which side you must go – the right or to the left to engage the enemy, look at your battle map. This map shows the proximity of the enemy to your HQ. Common sense dictates

You engage that enemy squad closest to your HQ.

Depending on the number of squads attacking your HQ, you may have to keep switching sides. Initially, chances are your craft will be destroyed early because of the overwhelming firepower. The best way to survive is to take less fire and grab powerups which appears at random. Honestly, powerups are necessary but not that important. Even if you do not manage to get a single powerup you can still complete the level provided you play smart.

Let me show you how. Keep a watchful eye on your health bar. Don’t let it fall beyond a limit. If it does, move away from a battle and let it regenerate. Understand this may not always be possible. Return to battle. I use an up and down flight movement and rarely engage the enemy robots at close quarters. If you can, try to take out one enemy at a time. You can do this by engaging one enemy that appears on the screen. It is one of my ways on how you can take out an entire enemy squad.

You may require to engage the entire squad only when you have to drop bombs as you can see how I do it here.

Another tactic you can employ is by manual firing the underside weapon. Red Siren does not name the positions of these weapons but what I said should give you an idea. This weapon system is powerful enough, has a quick reload time to help you turn the tide of the battle. Give upgrade priority to this weapon.

Follow it to the point to help you complete the levels.

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