The Catapult 2 Android Game – All you need to know

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The Catapult 2, Catapult 2 android game,
The Catapult 2 Android game

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This is going to be my first gaming post. I am going to talk about the game the sort of ‘blew-up’ on YouTube. But this post will mostly combine my YouTube videos and some things that I’ll include does not contain in the videos.

The written post is mostly for readers prefer to read about games. I serve two types of audience. The first one is for the readers and the second one is already on YouTube. This is where the two shall meet! So here it is:

Let me first briefly describe what the game is all about. You control a catapult resting atop a castle. The catapult is control by a siege engineer. The characters are stickman style. All you do is fire your catapult against the enemies. There will be enemies which may turn up either one by one or a few together- but they never gang-up on you. Your goal is to take them out. The game is 2D and has a fixed screen arcade game like Tetris or a bubble-shooter game.


  1. How to play Catapult 2? An overview:
  2. Game Mode
  3. Campaign Mode
  4. Infinite Mode
  5. Passing Thoughts
  6. Thinking like Siege Engineer!
  7. Strategy Guide
  8. Spells Guide
  9. How to earn more gold?
  1. How to play Catapult 2? An overview:

The gameplay is very simple. The computer throws in enemies who lob rocks at you with their catapults. Now, these catapults have very innovative design so just like you take out other catapults you may not be able to take everyone out just like that. For example, you may come across one design which is all exposed. You can take them out easy. Bear in mind they tend to get very accurate at times. Especially when you least expect it. This unexpectedness is what makes the game fun and interesting to play.

However, you may stumble across another design which may have a canopy or something protecting the siege engineer. You may come across cannons, scorpions, ballista and many other things like bowmen, suicidal attack with explosives- these kinds of reminded me petard from Age of empires! Personally, I found the designs to be very creative and go to show the level of effort put in by BYV – the developers of the game. These enemy catapults tend to get very creative and at times fun to destroy as well!

How you can progress further is by either killing the siege engineer, their sieges or both together. Killing both the siege engineers and their respect sieges will take not much effort. However, what you may notice during the game play and in several instances, taking out the siege engineer or their respective sieges or even both is a matter of chance. End of the day, it does not matter as long as you manage to kill some enemies.

Similarly, can also be taken out exactly the same way you take out the enemies. The difference here is, you’re playing defence and offence all at once. Whereas the enemy is playing only offence.

  • Game Modes:

There’s campaign mode, PvP mode-yes you can play it online, there’s the infinite mode and you can also choose a 2 player mode as well. We have tried the campaign mode and infinite mode. PvP mode will be discussed in greater detail in another post. So, I will talk about the two:

  1. Campaign Mode:

The levels in catapult 2 are called days. The campaign mode is where you can truly learn how to have fun in this game. The benefit you get with this is some serious addiction of playing it over and over again. It’s not like PUBG, but it’s so much more than any battle royale games!

The game makes it interesting by offering to upgrade your catapult, siege engineer and the castle atop which your catapult rests. Although, upgrading your siege engineer is not of much help. However, some level of protection before you begin will be appreciated. You will realize this during the course of several game plays where the enemies strive to take out your siege engineer. You will be surprised at how your siege engineer can get killed thereby ruining your progress. I would recommend using basic protection at first then gradually upgrade.

The armour for the siege engineer is more like skin and costumes in PC RPG games depicting some level of cosmetics. Protection is primary.  

You can also use spells to win over your opponents. More on this later. The thing is you need to know when to use what spell. I would like to stress upon the fact of upgrading your catapult and the castle whenever you can. This helps a great deal.

The variety of enemies is astounding, and the pacing is just right to cross a particular level. You may have to play that level repeatedly as crossing it isn’t easy. What you will enjoy is despite replaying the same level or day as it is called in the game, you won’t get bored, you get to re-try that level as if you’re playing it the first time. The position of the enemies varies, and no two replayed levels will have the enemy fire from the same position. This however has changed with future updates. So, you won’t know what to expect, you will be attacked via the ground and the sky that is by bowmen, siege towers with catapults atop them, heavy catapults and yes there’s cannons too. Future levels you will be attacked by flying enemies like planes, gyrocopters, helicopters and winged enemies. 

How can you be defeated: one of three ways – your siege engineer is killed; your catapult is destroyed or your castle falls.

  • Infinite Mode:

The unlimited mode is really exciting as you can play as much as you want until your catapult is destroyed or the siege engineer is killed or both. Once you get acquainted with the campaign mode, this is very easy and self-explanatory. I won’t get into details here.

  • Passing Thoughts:

Overall the game is sheer fun. You can spend countless hours playing the same level over and over again and you will never get bored. Despite the game’s immense potential, we still have one reservation is the sheer number of ads the game tends to pop up every now and then. The commercial is obviously non-intrusive; it does not interfere with your gameplay in anyway. However, it tends to get kind of overwhelming and it is repetitive – the kind of ads that plays is not in their hands and they obviously can’t be blamed for it. Perhaps, the developers are trying to coax you to pay real money to rid yourself of these ads. Well, you be the judge of that.

Personally, for a great game like this, I don’t mind the ads.

More than just a game

  • Thinking like Siege Engineer!

Although Catapult 2 is just a game, it is necessary but not important for gamers to get into the character. The game comes in the arcade genre and not RPG, so does it make any sense to get in to the character? Let me explain.

On one occasion I saw Phoebe (my wife) playing Catapult 2 and this is how she was playing. Firing as much as stones at various angles and hoping for some of them to hit the target. I call this tactic frantic fire. You will come across this term in future Catapult 2 posts. I can’t blame Phoebe for it. Her tastes in games are completely different than mine (She is a casual gamer). Come to think of it, her strategy isn’t bad. But it compelled me to think – are there other gamers out there who play like this? This is what prompted me to make this guide.

Frantic fire will work in instances when you are somewhat aware of the trajectory of the fired stones. If you know where they will fall, then this can be used as a tactic. You can obtain this skill only with practice. 

Describing the actual medieval catapult: 
During ancient times, archers would incorporate this strategy-shoot a massive number of arrows in a continuous or huge volley to take down the enemy infantry or cavalry. This strategy either in the game or in real, works fine. But not in the case of stones lobbed from a siege machine. The real purpose was to either destroy castle walls, ramparts, other siege engines or even against the attacking infantry and cavalry.

What a gamer conveniently forgets is that this is a game. As a game, the rules it follows are completely different from real life. It is not meant to be practical in any way. Very few games can match practicality virtually. Most of the games that follow that mantra are AAA titles. I digress.

Here’s the flaw with Phoebe’s attack and why you should not attack in this way. If the angle of attack is too high, you risk over-shooting the target; if the angle of attack is too low then you risk under-shooting the target. Your attempt to take out targets in this way may not be successful all the time. Sure, you want to play safe, but this isn’t the way. So, it is in your best interest to fire at an approximate angle. Let me explain.

This will work for all types of catapults without using the aim assist, cannon and saw cannons are not covered. This is what I want you guys to observe- if take a closer look at the catapult, it is so designed that it has some striations at this portion. Whenever you lob stones, pull back the bucket to one of these striations which will serve as a marker. Pull it down then let go. You will not be able to initially gauge the angle of attack. So, in order to perfect your angle of attack – practice in the Infinite mode. This will give you a fair idea until you perfect your game. Trust me it won’t be easy initially, but it will be worth your effort.

Now that you have started to think like a siege engineer, it is time for some strategy:
5. Strategy Guide

Ask yourself, does a game like catapult 2 require a strategy? No- if you are playing just for the heck of it. This is also true if you are not an ardent gamer. If you are, then this blog is for you and the answer is yes- this is true if you intend to play Catapult 2 for a long time and you really enjoy it just like me.

Let me first elaborate what do I mean by strategy in this game and then I’ll explain how to go about employing it. Typically, when you play Catapult 2 you would gradually upgrade your arsenal – get better spells, upgrade your castle, get a better catapult and there could be many. Perhaps, one of you may focus on getting the cannon first, some of you may try to upgrade the castle first and others may still try to master the spells. However, you don’t need to obtain each and everything the game gives you. You need to focus on what you need to obtain and then bend your efforts towards it.

Let me explain. Look at the shields available there’s the spoon shield, energy sphere, energy arcs, force field, then the reflective shield, reflective sphere, reflective arcs and the reflective force fields. Out of all of these shields my focus was on obtaining the reflective energy shield which costs 35000 gold. And I obtained it. How? Well, for simple reasons, I devised a strategy on how to get it.

First: always upgrade your castle and your catapult or cannon. This must be your first priority. If you are still using catapults, then upgrade to cannons and use the aim assists. Ballista with aim assist is great too. When it comes to catapults- your goad should ultimately be to get the better one-that makes completing the level easier.

Second: always keep the castle restore spell or as it is called thorough overhaul in the game, handy. Even if you tend to not use it often after every game try to buy one at least. This is because it comes in handy and bears unexpected fruit. Keep another spell as a backup that you would like to use often-like either one of the lightening, hail storm and things like that.

Third: diversify your stones, make use of the cluster balls, explosive cannons or poison whatever you are ok with. These can also be used in emergency because if you are repeatedly playing the same level over and over, then you would very much like to use this.

Once you’ve decided what things you need, you must apply them when playing. That should be your focus to excel in the game.

  • Let me now take you through the spells:

Please note: this does not contain the recent update in Jan 2020 or the recent one in March 2020.

Whether you have started playing this game or played it for a long time. I am sure you may or may not have the right understanding of spells. If you have been using the thorough overhaul spell or as we call it the full restore power-up frequently then you’re playing right. It goes without saying that this spell is by far the most important one of all the spells that’s available.

However, if you haven’t yet noticed you can also combine it with a defensive spell like the full shield which covers your catapult and the castle as well. A combination of full restore and full shield is a perfect match. Now here’s the drawback-they’re pricey. Not the thorough overhaul but the full shield since it costs 1000 gold. This is the priciest spell you can find in this game.

Honestly speaking, the thorough overhaul or the restore spell is best used only against bosses and not when you’re playing non-boss levels. The reasons being- it is totally unnecessary and overkill. I would never prefer that. Instead use the less pricey ones like the hail storm or the poison spell. However, once you reach the winter level or cross day 60 – you will find yourself using it more often.

The lightening spells works perfectly only when you feel ganged up upon. Most of the time, this may occur when you are facing around 3 computer catapults. There’s one thing you should always remember before using this spell if you haven’t yet noticed. The lightening spell does not occur immediately but takes a while to activate. Have you noticed how slowly the thunder clouds form first?

To make your spells more effective is to use variants of your stone. For example, if using the cannon, then you can use the explosive stone, the chain stone or you can also use the cluster one. Remember you can use any two of these. These are far cheaper than using spells so plan accordingly. These variations of stones are best used against tougher opponents and bosses.

None of our recommendations will work unless and until your castle and catapult or canon isn’t fully upgraded. So, do that first. These spells work much better when your castle and canon is harder to destroy.

Ultimately your goal should be to mix and match your spells to gauge what works best for you. What works for you may not necessarily work for the next person.

When do I use the thorough overhaul (Restore) spells when playing is when my diamond upgraded castle is about to fall. Remember the glass-shattering noise you hear? That’s when you should use the spell.

  • How to earn more gold in Catapult 2

I don’t do hacks and do not appreciate the fact some people go to great lengths to achieve it. Hack is not my way of completing a game. PC games are a different league altogether. Yes, I have made use of cheat codes in PC games, but back then, I was more hell bent on completing them. Now however, I don’t do that.  In fact, let me reiterate my commitment to not use hacks to achieve my gaming goals or to deceive you – my dear audience. 

For those of you who haven’t yet guessed it, I will be talking about the infinite or the endless mode and its vast benefits on why you should play this more often. I will also be talking about the drawbacks.

Benefits of Endless Mode in Catapult 2:
First, let me talk about the benefits of endless mode or the infinite mode. This mode offers fantastic opportunity for those who want to earn more gold and the thing is you should survive longer. The maximum that I have survived is to the fourth boss level, it isn’t easy, but the positives outweigh the negatives. This is especially true if you are short of gold, desperate for an upgrade or looking for specific spells and things like that.

For example, you need the total overhaul or the restore spell costing 750 gold, but you need the full barrier which costs a whopping 1000 gold – the priciest of all the spells. It is essential to play this level. You will also have to play it as often you can and that’s because as you progress deeper into the game, especially when you get into the autumn stage. The levels tend to get tougher and you will use your gold more and more often. That will compel you to play the infinite mode or the endless mode more often. If you don’t do this, then chances are you will get de-motivated to play the game further.

De-motivation kicks in when you are unable to cross a particular level, the repetition gets frustrating and also when you expect all things to go easy. When you started off easy and the going begins to get tough. It is but natural for anyone to go through it. The thing is, how do you deal with it? That’s why my YouTube Channel and blog exists.  

The Drawbacks:
Here comes the drawbacks and there’s only one:’ it gets very repetitive’ after you have played it repeatedly you will tend to take the first few levels for granted. The game does not offer any options to save your progress. Why would any developers do that? You can’t call it the endless mode if that were the case as boring as it may sound the infinite mode gets more interesting once you have completed the easy levels blank not literally though cross the level 4 and the benefits begin to rain you can earn upwards of 1,500 gold. Moreover, if your game ends at that juncture double it by playing ads.

If you’re not leveraging the benefits of the ad incentive, then you really don’t know how to play the game. There are two benefits you get: double the gold always and second the developers also earn some ad revenue. It is good for both you and the developers as well.

Now if you don’t wish to see these ads or earn such incentives, it would be a much better and easier for you to buy a game pack with real money. I’m not sure how the ad-incentivizing works once you buy the no- ad pack. But I am compelled to think, the unrequested ad that kind of pops-up may go away. If you have bought the no-ad pack, please let me know in the comments how does it work in the comments below.

Important Battle Tip:
Here’s a battle tip for you avoid taking more than three or five restore spells or the total overhaul spell. That’s because it costs 750 gold. Second, if you take more than required you could utilize it for future games but trust me it’s not for that reason. Let me do the math for you, consider this you have thirty thousand gold and choose to take a hefty ten restore spells that costs 7500 gold. This leaves you with 22500 gold to spare. It means your total winning should at least touch 7500 gold or come somewhere close to it in order to make do your initially purchase amount.

Look at it in terms of an investment. You put 750 gold for one restore spell. So, it should be worth at least a 1,000 gold as returns. It means 250 or more in profit. Now I’m not considering the fact the other earnings you get during the game. Those are separate and are not counted in the total rewards. I’m talking about the reward you get in the end

That was all about the game catapult 2. Please note that this is not a 100% accurate blog. The game updates from time to time. Newer and newer elements are added, and some things are omitted only to enhance the gameplay experience. Sometimes, the gamers themselves post suggestions and the developers take it seriously if they find it viable.

Happy Gaming! 

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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