The status of my music project

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It’s been a long time since I thought of posting an update about my music project. From the time I managed to create my first music to the time I am confident using my DAW, where am I headed and plans going further.

My post is going to be straightforward. I will get to the point. The purpose is to gauge yourself if you have something similar going on. 

My status now: 

The learning never stops. You continue to learn as a beginner and even an expert. Producing music is no easy task. The persistent remain. Let me add that I have three ongoing personal projects: my gaming channel on YouTube – GamerPhoenyx, this very blog you are reading from is my second project and finally, my music project. 

I have learnt how to create loops. Admittedly, I am not that confident here since I cannot create a loop on the fly. I have already written three songs. I know how to create atmospheres for Prog House and Chill Out sub-genres. Then again, I do not have complete confidence. It’s a struggle. 

Independent artists took several years to breakeven, gain the popularity they deserve and do justice to their hard work. I want to do the same in the shortest possible time but also subsequently pacing myself. This is important so that I don’t burn out. My passions should not become stressful nor a burden. 

The Past:
I was born during a time when life was too confusing. I heard Enigma’s song – Sadeness on MTV. I didn’t only love that, but it dominated my entire life and still does. That song captivated me so much that I decided that I will make a song similar to this. But, there was no support for my initiative. Not because I did not receive any encouragement, there were no resources or paths to follow. No one had any idea of how one could go about it. 

My parents decided on tutoring me to play the keyboard back in my school days. Two since my training, I had to give that up for higher studies. 

I took to learning music, tried my best to learn playing the keyboard in the interim. I even went to the extent of founding my band! But, it did not turn out well. I did not know the intricacies of launching a band, practice sessions, songwriting, career prospects and earning capacity. 

There was no guidance regarding this field. Besides, there were no professional musicians I could lookup. Whoever I did revere weren’t easily accessible. Internet was pricey and buying magazines was not much of an option. It like like screaming in the dark! You scream despite knowing no one will hear you.

EDM in the 90s at that time was Trance and Techno. I grew up listening to Groove Armada, Paul Van Dyk, Snap!, etc.

At that time I only listened because I liked the music. Now I listen because I want to understand the music.

My present:
I have learnt a thing or two about music theory and all that I need to get going. During the process, I realised learning the whole theory isn’t required. It is still better if you know the entire theory, as it works to your advantage. 

The challenge for those who have little knowledge of music theory is it gets more challenging to create music. 

I have learnt how to create synths, operate a few instruments and other necessary plugins in my DAW. Now, I have to take these learnings forward. 

During this one year, I have assimilated as much knowledge as I could. I discovered my requirements against those I did not need. It may befall anyone who wishes to create music. 

Whenever you watch any YouTube tutorial videos, you are bound to come across the VST instruments and plugins they use. You will have the desire to do precisely what they do. But don’t fall for that. 

Assess your requirements first. Think about what are you trying to create. Does the instrument or plugin in the video fit your requirements and addressing the genre you wish to create? 

Many things will cross your mind, whether to opt for a paid instrument or a free one. Both sound good. But, as I always say, when you are starting, keep your investments to a minimum. Buy what you can and find a workaround against the rest – like a substitute or alternative. 

For now, this is all I would like to sumarise my status. More updates to follow in the months to come. 

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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