A Good Obsession that’s Dominating My Life

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What is an obsession?

Oxford dictionary states – Obsession is the state (of mind) in which you can only think about one person or thing so that you cannot think of anything else. The meaning does not mention if the obsession is good or bad. 

Whether the obsession is good or bad is something that only we can decide. An OCD can be good if I remove the words “compulsive” and “disorder”. Some can object to the use of a word like disorder or compulsive. However, that is not the point of discussion in today’s post.

The word obsession dominates one’s mind-good or bad. If the domination is extensive, it would also reflect on that person’s actions. It is hard to judge if a person is overtly or covertly obsessed with habits that may or may not be detrimental to their minds. As long as the habit of obsession followed by actions does not cause self-harm or disturb others, it is void of all seriousness.

What is a good obsession? How good is it?

I have three hobbies that I am in the process of monetisation: Creating Music, Blogging and Gaming. I have stated these three in order of importance. 

I have been practicing music production since 2019. I have successfully moved from novice to beginner and from beginner to intermediate producer. The good obsession about it is: it has dominated my mental state so much that I keep thinking about new ways of making music. Although this kind of obsession is good, it impacted my other hobbies of blogging and gaming.

I have mixed feelings about my good obsession. I was worried that I should not decide to let those other hobbies go in the long run. I had to find a way to balance and prioritise the time I allotted for them. That way, I could give almost equal attention to the three. 

I started by looking at the time I planned to spend on them. If lesser time, I could take up blogging. More time of 30 minutes and above could go to making music.

I usually take to gaming an hour or so before sleeping. Gaming content creation needs research and a script for writing about the topic. This topic needs a separate post which I may address later. 

When I was learning music creation earlier through tutorials on YouTube, I used to take the weekends to practice my skills. After I successfully created four tracks, I started working not just on the weekends but also during the weekdays when I had the time. This unexpected change was good and bad at the same time. 

Even when I had little time, I would stop that work for my music project. The result was that my other projects were sidelined. As I am a guy with immense self-control, I was not in a position to sideline my other tasks as well i.e. my Gaming YouTube channel and blogging. It went on for months until I, somehow, regained my composure to give equal attention to all of my work. I am not yet successful at it. But, I managed to divert some fruitful attention elsewhere. 

What is a bad obsession?

An obsession is bad as long as it interferes with your day-to-day functioning and affects others negatively. It should not become a problem for you and others. A simple instance I can think of is obsessing with someone or something. It is hard to believe that that person can lose all self-control to let their obsession do the talking through words and actions. 

Bad obsession is negativity through mental and physical actions. It is temporary. If it prolongs, it will adversely and negatively affect the person and everyone else in direct or indirect relations. It will thereby bring immense harm to self and could, unfortunately, even do irreparable harm.

Overcoming bad obsessions – no one would know if you are obsessed with someone or something unless you identify it yourself first. If unsure, the best course is to talk to someone trusting. If it gets out of hand, seeking professional help may be the only solution.  

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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