When Mental Maturity isn’t about Age

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When someone calls you mature, two things strike your mind: physical and mental maturity. The physical look is quite obvious and conspicuous. However, it isn’t about age, no matter how physically mature the person is. Looks are not a guarantee of a person’s mental maturity.

Mental maturity is behavioural. So even if you are 60, you may not be mature. If you are 15, you could be mentally mature.

What kind of behaviour qualifies as mature? Why am I bringing up the topic today? Some situations cause our mental maturity to react and behave appropriately in our everyday lives. Education alone does not serve the purpose. Though, education could be instrumental after parents in teaching maturity.

Maturity isn’t everybody’s piece of cake. Nor can all people call themselves mature individuals unless observed from a third person’s perspective.

Despite the frequent encounter, I am surprised why isn’t this topic discussed when bringing up children. Why do schools not teach children about it?

Is it because experience brings forth maturity? In a way, yes. Besides gaining experience. Young children can learn maturity from their parents and elders. There are direct and indirect influences.

Why teach maturity to children?
Teaching about mental maturity to children from an early age reflects on your upbringing and culture. They gain better insight into how to behave and deal with situations creating an impression on their surroundings.

Can you imagine how a grown-up person reacts when someone calls “childish”? Calling someone childish can be degrading and neutral but not a compliment. Now imagine a child or a teen behaving positively above their age. Won’t that be called mature?

Children, Siblings

I would show the mirror before that person. How many rules has he broken that caused untoward discomfort to others when you point the same error unfollowed by self to others? How hypocritical and ironic!

When rule-keepers are complacent, it is up to citizens like us to follow the rule. What example are we giving our children? Morality isn’t just about not stealing or killing. Morals begin with our children observing us.

Parents are the most immediate role models available for children. It is by far the best option for them.

Another bitter truth about teaching maturity to children is that it is not a guarantee that they may gain maturity early. The only way to ensure it happens as desired – is to be a clever observer of behaviours. That should, in a way, be of some help for checking your progress.

Children depict your upbringing, culture and lifestyle. How they react or behave in a particular situation reflects immensely on how you have brought them up.

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