Real Racing 3 – As a beginner what you should know

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I am back to playing the Real Racing 3 android game. It felt great returning to this game after 3-4 years. Yes, it took me that long to come back. 

In this post, I will tell you why I love playing this game, what you should know and why you should download it. The game isn’t restricted to racing enthusiasts but is open to other gamers too. So, you would know where you stand should you decide to download it. 

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by EA or Real Racing 3. 

What is Real Racing 3?

It is a racing game active since 2013 (and growing strong) as the title is so succinctly named. But, I will say this – it is the best racing sim I have played. The reasons are aplenty, which I will mention in this post.

What should come first, graphics or gameplay? What if I told you both? Now, not all games have that, right? Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t tried most of the racing games so I can judge – it’s too early. But, I plan on doing just that in the coming days. No, not days, months.   

It was kind of nostalgic returning to real racing. I mean, the reason I uninstalled it was due to space constraints. With every update, the game would get bigger – unfortunately, my phone could not compensate for the updates. Back then, the game was around 1.5 GB. Now it is over 2 GB large. So, I had to remove it to better concentrate on other games. Yes, space was an issue before but not anymore. 

The first thing you notice about this racing sim is the supermassive collection of cars – 249+. You will find everything from McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin – my favourite. Jaguar Land Rover – it’s an Indian brand, by the way – acquired by TATA! 

Let’s talk about the graphics briefly. You can best compare it with the Asphalt series. Unfortunately, I haven’t played Asphalt, so I cannot do that either. 

Let me say that the graphics are top-notch. The realism of the cars, Grand Prix circuit, and environments are accurately represented. It is very evident when you play the game. When it comes from EA, you can expect the best. Of course, I won’t get into “issues” just yet!


Real Racing 3 offers different gameplay controls to suit your style. You can choose it before or after your race begins – the choice is yours. It has everything from tilt controls to controls best suited for right-handed or left-handed players. That’s thoughtful of them to introduce several options. It is not just convenient but very inclusive to consider all playing styles. 

Each stage is divided into levels and sub-levels. You can go through these levels at any point. Simply go through the list and play anyone you like. Ultimately, make sure that you complete 100% of the race.

The racing could be confined to that particular brand, car or genre like motorsports, amateur, professional, NASCAR, sportscar, etc. The choices are many. The first time I played it on my smartphone, I played the series or levels at random. What I do now is to play in sequence. I found that playing this way seems to be right.

So, now I am concentrating on the newly launched F1 Motorsports series. I plan to post gameplay blogs regularly. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and this blog.

I don’t plan on doing any breakdown videos or posts since I consider that to be a waste of time for this game. However, I will be posting explainer videos to a minimum – since there is not much talking I can do here. I will consider all options, though. 

Game mechanics:

You can win races in different formats. Some levels may have drag races, while others may not. 

Each level has different locations. The race circuits in these locations have different starting points. Some races may be long, others – short. Furthermore, if you are using different vehicles, then that adds to the fun. 

The game does not struggle to maintain this non-monotony, but the level of variety it presents is good. You won’t get bored, but it does get very addicting to play.

You also have to upgrade your car and service in real-time to keep them in top working condition. 

The only thing that makes Real Racing 3 different from others is that the racing takes place in racing circuits and not in open traffic. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know in the comments.

I guess it all depends on the game, as the title suggests – Real Racing. So, IMO it does not matter where it takes place on the circuit or real-world roads. 

One unique feature of Real Racing 3 that I love is the level of paint customisation. You can do pretty much everything in it. If you spend a lot of time playing this game, then you will also spend equally if not more time customing your car to depict your gaming personality. 

I look forward to displaying my driving skills, as I did with my combat skills in War Wings. If you haven’t seen my combat skills, check out my playlist of War Wings. 

If you are looking for a vast game with sufficient variety away from traffic, then you must check out real racing 3. It doesn’t matter if you are a late or an early entrant to the game. It always looks fresh with regular updates. The game will grow more than 2+ GB in the coming days and months. 

I will check out Asphalt 9 shortly and other racing games too. After that, I will make a comparison video. At least that’s what I have in mind.

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