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When you start blogging, this question will bother you every time. Is there is a particular time when you can post to get more views? It makes sense. Who would not like to post blogs at a time where he or she can grab more eye-balls? 

But when to exactly post is a question which requires a deeper understanding of many factors. I will discuss this from my point of view. I started blogging from Jan 2020 onwards.

I take an example from YouTubing. When you start with YouTubing, you must fix a time and day when you post videos. It keeps your audience in sync with your channel. For example, I post regularly at 7:30 pm IST 10 am EST and 2:00 pm GMT. I list EST and GMT on purpose because I cater to my audiences from that region. 

Chances are for a viewer knows it is Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am sure not all of my subscribers wait with bated breathe on the dot. They will watch my latest video when they either receive a notification, when they browse my channel page or whenever it is convenient.

My Question:

But, can I expect my readers and visitors to wait with bated breathe on a similarly fixed day on my blog? I don’t know. I started blogging since Jan 2020 and post at least one blog per week. 

Blogs are like a repository. Readers can conveniently sift through the topics I have written at their convenience. 

Do I struggle to post blogs on fixed days? Yes, I do struggle. It is despite the fact my blogs are ready to go live. But that is not the problem. Sticking to this fixed day is. The day I previously chose was Friday, then it got shifted to Saturday because I am busy with my YouTube channel work. I did not want two of my work to unnecessarily clash. 

My idea was to work on the blog at the beginning of the week and schedule it for Saturday. It worked initially. I was pleased. That was fine when I used to post at least one blog a week. Then a thought occurred to me: what if I am not able to post the 2nd blog for that week? I needed a backup. 

I use the same strategy for GamerPhoenyx: if due to any unforeseen reason I miss posting on either of the days, I at least have one day where my video is live. YouTube requires that you post your video at least once a week consistently. So, that one video serves like a ‘backup’. Since I am also working from home, so I am unable to give that dedicated time for blogging. I needed to post at least two blogs a week. 

My idea is to keep the content coming regularly. It will be possible once I have ample content available. I haven’t even started with promoting on social media effectively. I do plan on taking in some of social media experts who also happen to be my close friends in the future. 

But the trouble is they stay far. Meeting regularly at that far a distance will need investment in the form of time which I want to cut down. Anyway.

If you are reading my blog and wish to contribute regularly or infrequently, please contact me. I welcome any contribution you are ready to offer and be part of my growth story. 

Right now, I am doing a mix of things – posting at regular times and at random. I am yet to master the art of posting on fix day and time.

I am a blogger, YouTuber and Indie Music Producer navigating my way through a massive sea of words, games and soundwaves!

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