When I am right, I can’t stop bragging about it!

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How do you feel when you are raking up the right issues and made a post about it? When you have someone else corroborates what you said without any collaboration? I bet you will say – It feels good!

That’s how exactly I feel. Now let me elaborate: on Sept 17 I had made a post: Dear Indian News Channels, Please stop what you are doing

I will summarise it here: it is related to most Indian media houses dumping their ethics, news reporting, professionalism and everything else that journalism stands for down the toilet! How some channels are chasing trending topics and sidelining all the other important news. News is blindside and not perspective driven. Its nothing but regressive news. 

To corroborate my blog post, WION’s respected news anchor – Palki Sharma Upadhyaya spoke about the same thing albeit with more information. She also talked about the issues in brief and the possible solutions. 

You can check out her news report here – youtu.be/fRUsTmymxBg.

Damn! It feels good when you are right!

Here are the points where we synched:

1) Is it news or entertainment

2) Ethics

3) Regulation

I’ll refrain from giving any spoilers. Please visit the link above.

Here’s the difference between our points are on how we presented the issue: I blogged from a viewer’s point of view and what I felt as a viewer. How low some Indian News channels have stooped and possible solutions towards the end.

Palki spoke about from a journalism point of view:

  • Spot on and is well acquainted with her profession.
  • Better insights on the things and how they relate to her job.
  • To the point.   

WION and I are on the same page. I am glad. 

Not the first time:

It isn’t the first time I was right. I had reviewed a game called Planet Commander and questioned why did the developers name their android game that way. The game is not related to defending planets. It is a 4×4 online battle with spaceships. 

Here’s the link to the first video: https://youtu.be/qyTi5gbdmyM. The second video is where I brag about my accuracy – https://youtu.be/t8txk0exOUs. GamerPhoenyx was a little known channel. With hardly any subscribers and garnered little views – I am small creator.

How would you react if you were in my shoes? Please let me know in the comments.   

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