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Are you passionate about something? Do you pursue those things which you are passionate about? How often do you do things which are close to your heart? If no, have you ever given any thought to your passion? Why am I talking about putting your heart into things so suddenly?

If you are reading this blog, watching my gaming channel – GamerPhoenyx. If you listen to the music I created – these are my passions. These are the things that are close to my heart. In other words, I do things that my heart desires – the things that I am the most passionate about.

If you are not passionate about something full-time, do you still pursue it in your free time, as I do? I know people who take up a job they don’t like out of compulsion or no choice. I do have a job. But, it is closely related to my writing passion.

One does not do things for the love of money. They do things that they are passionate about out of love. Most individuals around the world do this exactly. A few exists who work only for money. They soon run out of the love of these things because it is not a marriage but a fling!

Imagine if you ever heard of Elon Musk if he merely existed as an executive? What about Le Bron James, Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton or late Michael Jackson, for that matter? Had these people existed if they had not pursued what they love?

Real-life examples:

When I initially started blogging, I managed to post two blogs in a week. Visit my earliest blogs. This romance was short-lived. There were challenges to do that regularly and I learnt them the hard way. One of them was forcing me to post those blogs. Then I reduced it to one blog per week.

One year later, I realised no matter how many blogs you post – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you must post it from the heart. People reading it will understand the outpouring of my love for writing and blogging in that post.

Money comes to those who are passionate about their work. That’s what I believe.

– Phoenyx Quote –

Why is one passion better than having 2 more, unlike me? The simple answer to that is you can give it your whole and sole attention. Unlike me, I have to devote all three passions sufficient time. It also means that I have to give time to my daughter, wife, mom and even myself.

How do I manage and how can you do the same?

I prioritise. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes between me and my daughter- Pandora. She gets priority above all my passions. If I have to skip any tasks that I am doing or spend money on, I do that in a heartbeat. There are no two ways about it.

It usually depends on what I have at that moment. For instance, I mostly do my recordings during the night. Since my house is road-side facing, my computer is near the window. I prefer the more peaceful and near noiseless environment of the night. A noise-free recording is not always a guarantee where I live. But, I make do with whatever I have available.

So during the daytime, I will write as much as I can. Blogging, however, is a different story.

Previously, I would write just for the sake of writing. My passion didn’t show. When I realised I need to do that, I worked my way to find words that came from the heart and does not always process via my brain! The way you do it is to let your heart process the word through your fingers. As you type, you type fast with little to no mistakes – this is what writing from the heart means. The words you put across makes better sense.

“At the moment:”

The “in the moment” thing is very important to understand. Everyone may do it differently. Goes without saying, this does not apply to your office life.

I prioritise based on how much time I can give ‘at that moment’. For instance, blogging, like I am doing now. I must be in the right frame of mind and make sure I have little to no interruptions. If I think I can complete the task in a stretch – I take the plunge. Most of the time, I will be done with the core body of the text. I will then leave it as is and re-visit later for a good proofread and additions if needed.

An interruption-free environment isn’t a guarantee. Pandora may wake up right now and I may have to attend to her if Phoebe may help mom with the cooking or engaged with other things. Yes, this does break the flow. But, when you have a family and a house to run, escaping from your primary responsibilities is not an option. It comes in your stride.

Burn-out is a serious concern, be cautious. You must not just love what you do but also enjoy doing it. Enjoy the words you write and sharing your thoughts with the world. Remember, you are writing for yourself first.

– Phoenyx Wisdom

The Topics:

I concentrate on quality. I did not care about the frequency of my blogging. What I wanted was to give enough time for my blog posts. I similarly decide on what I have to write next. If that idea sinks in and I can write, then the topic goes live.

I don’t do any SEO or keyword research. Checking the trending topics from time to time helps. Word count does not matter either. I write and write until I feel it should stop. I don’t want my blogs to sound ranting.

The topic must click. It is the most fundamental aspect for me to blog. I can’t pour my heart out for subjects that I cannot relate to.
It has occurred previously when I had written on topics that I just wanted to write about.

Eventually, my blogs must go live at least once every week.

I never post blogs without giving the while a thorough check to the entire write-up. It so happens, I do not write things at a stretch. I write as much as I can and don’t force myself to complete it in one go. Love what you do, don’t be obsessed with it. Taking a break helps.

I’ve given my example to serve as a guide that sooner or later, you must let your heart do the talking and let your mind follow.

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